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Feminism and Pornography - PowerPoint Presentation Example

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Name of student: Tutor: Feminism and pornography In many cultures, the social position and roles of women has been dehumanizing (Soble, pg 37). From the ancient times in Greece, Rome, and pre-Islamic period and even in medieval Christian Europe, women were considered inferior to their male counterparts…
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Feminism and Pornography
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Download file to see previous pages This led to the rise of feminism. Therefore, while outlining the essence of feminism and its epistemological approaches, it can be deduced that women live in an unequal world. As a result of feminist movement, women’s roles gradually changed with different eras and cultures albeit with the specific observations of the society about her and the understanding of men (Soble, pg 45). In the current society, most countries with capitalist ideologies try to construct a democratic society within itself. Therefore to work turns out to be a right of women. This has been further corroborated in Western countries which for a long time discriminated against women based on peculiarities of religious practices and stereotypes regarding the incapability of women in making responsible judgments. With all these current changes regarding the right of women, a phenomenon called pornography arose. With women’s efforts towards an equal society, it turned out to be a delusion as they have had to endure physical and sexual violence in silence. Since a woman is perceived as weak and dependent by definition, she tends to be the object of violence. Thus pornography hypothesizes a male anticipation of violence over the weak and flawed beings, tenets associated with social conflict theory. Thesis: Since feminism has lead to more women enjoying equal rights as men, the impact of this privilege cannot go unnoticed. Some forms of sexual violence have developed in the cover of pornography. Thereby sustained efforts of feminist anti-pornography dialogue in the media should be encouraged. The concerns regarding the position and rights of women in a given society can be represented through the social theory of a conflict (Soble, pg 102). The conflict theory regarding women’s question includes matters of social construction of gender and sex besides the portrayal of women in the society by the mass media. Historical perspective on feminism offers a chance to see a variety of its forms including how these forms sometimes leads to conflict within the women’s movement. However, the social force in the women’s movement is emancipation of women from societies and religious torment. Taking into account pornography, some advocates however present actions defined in it as violence as deeds of sexual parity, apparently because it involves two people. To them, the world of pornographic equality is a harmonized and balanced world. The creators of these pornographic images have gone as far as suggesting that women who willingly express the desire to meet pornographic criterions are a model of equality with men. On one hand, some researchers believe that pornography is an alternatively safe method of realizing sexual fantasy. It has been likened to a tool for psychological relaxation and encouraged for distribution to stem out the risks associated with dangerous behavior caused due to unsatisfied sexual fantasies. Thus social discrimination against women should be investigated in a twin plan approach. This is due to its dynamic nature and the perceptions from either gender, the society included (Soble, pg 121). For instance, as a social phenomenon it covers a large demographic community made up of varied ages, job groups, socio-professional and status. In contrast, it is a social process with a sequence of state of object. Conclusion The roots of social discrimina ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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