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Good Mothers, Bad Mothers - Essay Example

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Good mothers, bad mothers? Good mothers, bad mothers? With the development of new subjects at academic levels, several social topics and phenomena are taken under consideration to analyze human behavior both individually and cooperatively…
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Good Mothers, Bad Mothers
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Download file to see previous pages Families are considered as a very diverse and vast subject for sociologists and scholars as it contains several phenomena to research upon. No doubt that a society is composed of a large number of families, each one with a different background and social environment. Parental hood, childhood, the relation of spouses, their relation with children or vice versa has been now given enough importance in western academics. Particularly a developed country like UK which contains a multi-cultural society, where several of nations are living from several decades, is of quite interest. There have been mixtures of traditions, norms and social relations which provide a good environment to research. Among several other topics and subjects, motherhood is considered to be an interesting and important one to research upon. The reason being a mother is the one who makes a family. Britain contains a society where mothers are a full time worker, a part time worker or a complete house wife. With the vast growing globalization and a need for improvement in the standards of life, the number of complete house wives has been decreased prominently. This has certainly affected upon the relation between a mother and her children. Scholars have made an in-depth research on every aspect of motherhood, from religion to culture, from health to culture, from peace to sexuality, race, nationality, public environment , homo sexuality, heterosexuality; in short a wide range of topics regarding motherhood have been studied in order to develop a better understanding of the entire phenomena (Reilly 2010). For a long period of time, the phrase “good mother” was defined to be an entirely domestic mother, paying full attention to her home and family. Also, the middle class women were considered to be good mothers as they have nothing to do except their households and children and unlike upper class women, who do not find any proper time for their homes, the middle class women and mother can have a better eye and impact upon their families (Johnston & Swanson 2006). Good mothers are considered to be shelters for their children, a guide, a provider and a nurturer. This definition of good mother leads some eco-feminists to relate a mother with earth, as it too, provides everything unconditionally for the human kind. The eco-feminist movement was introduced to pay regard for all such mothers who and nature or environment are alike, i.e., dedicated and sincere. This concept of motherhood enlightens all the dedication and potential of a mother and shows most of her strengths with regards to the nature (Stearney 1994). With the passage of time and with the globalization, the phenomena of motherhood or of a “good mother” have changed many forms. Rather, it has been transformed as the society and culture changes its values and norms. Now, women are equally strong, prominent, leading and advancing in every aspect of life. Particularly the middle class women who preferred to stay at homes in the past, they have to leave their homes and children to meet the basic needs of life in today’s modern era. Now, the entire phenomena does not remain simple as before; it has become complex and diverse, depending upon the situation or environment a woman is facing. Today, a woman cannot be simply rated as a “bad mother” if she is a full time working lady, as it may be one of her strengths to manage both ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Good Mothers, Bad Mothers Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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