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Building of a Walmart Supercentre on the East Side of Tucson - Essay Example

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Name of the of Professor Class 8th of May, 2012 Building of a Walmart Supercentre on the east side of Tucson The Walmart superstore is going to open on the east side of Tucson, near Houghton and Old Spanish Trail. The Superstore needs approval from city council because the building of second Walmart in Tucson has been facing many objections…
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Building of a Walmart Supercentre on the East Side of Tucson
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Download file to see previous pages I have the strong point of views debating the future benefits of this construction and want your serious consideration. Walmart is going to operate as 24 hours store in Tuscan in near future. The houses in El Encanto neighborhood are objecting that with the building of store there will be noise and increase in traffic. Another objection Walmart faced is about selling ammunition and other fire arms. Walmart is considering all these issue seriously and taking steps as well. I as a company Representative assure the city council and the people living in the neighborhood that Walmart will not involve in any sale related to firearms. To avoid noise and heavy traffic, the administration of Walmart has decided to ban all night time deliveries and construction of walls around the parking lot. The opening of Walmart in Tucson has many prospective advantages for the citizens and the El con neighborhood. Since the start of any Walmart superstore opens the doors of employment for the residents of that area. So, it is no doubt very clear that the start of another Walmart at Tucson will reduce unemployment of Tucson. The people hired will achieve better living standards and benefits from their employer whether financial or health. This will bring positive change in the life of the Tucson’s citizen. ...
The purpose of Walmart foundation is to make lives of people better through financial contributions, donations and volunteerism. It focuses on four areas education, workforce development, environment sustainability and health and wellness. In the fiscal year ending January 31st, 2012 WalMart contributed by giving a donation of 958.9 million dollars to the community ( The Walmart and Walmart foundation has started a hunger relief campaign which is till 2015. The foundation donated 338 million ponds of food to local food banks during year 2011 ( Walmart and its foundation donated 250,000 dollars to many organizations and for different purposes. These include Business and Professional Women’s Foundation, Campus kitchens Project, Students in free Enterprise and Institute for Sustainable Communities. Walmart has made great contributions to education and started many programs. Walmart started Lifelong Learning Program to advance education in American society. A grant of 4.2 million dollars also given to the Institute for Higher Education Policy to help first generation students. The Walmart Foundation also provides scholarships to needy students. Walmart has provided a help in term of 100,000 dollars to twenty colleges each to help students at graduate level ( Walmart is always there when any uncertain incident happen to help the community at its best. Whether it is hurricane, tsunami, earthquake or anything Walmart is always there. The Walmart with the collaboration of American Red Cross and Sam’s club and Salvation Army helped many needy people in difficult times. Walmart has extended its vision of social welfare across the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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