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Factors that Influence the Mind - Essay Example

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Date Factors that influence the mind Human being and how they behave is influenced by many factors, which operate in their surroundings. These factors are manifested on the way the being will react to such stimuli which derives their response from the mind…
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Factors that Influence the Mind
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Download file to see previous pages An environment can be that full of singing, talking or meditating and all of these places would have a different feeling on the person (Henslin & James, pg. 253). Moreover, time is a factor that influences the mind, at different times in the day or seasons in the year derive a different feeling on the mind. Food is also a great influence of the mind most so when different forms of food are taken. Our impression of the past and our view of things in the past will normally influence our thinking differently. The thinking from impression can only be washed away by being alert and aware, having knowledge or meditating upon a situation so that we are able to forge ahead in case the past impression kept haunting or reduce the joy if we were almost being carried away be the joy. The other factor that affects the mind is our actions and the groupings and associations that we form. They do say that tell me your friends and I tell you who you are, this implies that the people that surround us will always affect our thinking and actions. The actions and the groupings hence affect how the mind will operate thereafter. In one group, one’s mind behaves differently from the same mind in a different group. With the effect that these factors have on the mind and the behavior of individual, it is wise that we are aware of the elements and not worry about them. This is because these factors have an influence on life itself, despite that the self that controls the mind is still the most powerful and has the power to direct the body and mind into a desired direction. How to use this approach to attain happiness The approach can easily be used to attain happiness since as we have realized, they affect the mind yes but we have also seen that there is a being that can direct the actions despite the influences by the factors. The factors can since be integrated in a way that they direct the body towards happiness. We can therefore attain happiness by being in places that makes us feel happiness, eating foods that we enjoy, being in groups and associations that are thrilling hence happiness. If such cannot help achieve happiness, then the self in a person who is more powerful will direct us towards happiness by conditioning the mind (Henslin & James, pg. 278). Five emotional reactions Kubler-Ross identified Elizabeth Kubler-Ross introduced a model called the five stages of grief; this was developed after she questioned herself why death and dying was not a component of a syllabus. The stages marked as DABDA stands for: - Denial, which is simply a short, lived defense mechanisms for most individuals. It is the refusal to accept facts or reality. Anger on one side takes place after realizing that denial cannot work and such an individual is quite hard to handle since their feelings are misplaced. After this come the bargaining face, this phase comes with the hope that the individual has postponed death. Depression comes as the fourth stage, here the person faced with death starts accepting the reality that death must occur. /this stage gives room for the individual to disconnect with feeling like love and affection. The last stage is the acceptance stage where third parties now come to terms with what has taken place to their loved one, the dead though gets into this stage much earlier than the people they leave behind. Elizabeth initially applied this model on individuals with terminal illnesses and later made applicable to people in personal losses (Henslin & James, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Factors That Influence the Mind Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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