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Globalization: A Threatening Reality to the Environment - Essay Example

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Globalization: A Threatening Reality to the Environment Outline Introduction Understanding Globalization The Linkage between Globalization and Environment: Knowing its Effects The Point of View of Government on Globalization and Environmental Issues The Environmental Consequence of Globalization on Society The Significance of Environmental Issues to the Phenomenon of Globalization Conclusion Introduction The term globalization is generally used as a shorthand approach to illustrate the process of interconnectedness of the world…
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Globalization: A Threatening Reality to the Environment
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Download file to see previous pages Indeed, the greater interaction between and among countries can be witnessed with the process for the hope that it would further cause economic prosperity to each developed and developing countries. This is because the phenomenon is understood to bring about industrialisation, urbanisation, hyper – consumerism as well as agricultural modernisation (Croucher, 2004: 10). Without a doubt, the process of globalization has sets of unparalleled positive and negative effects on individual, local, national as well as international level. On the sad note, the developments brought by globalization have often been tied with a threatening impact to the environment (Antle and Heidebrink, 1995; Frankel and Rose, 2005; Najam, Runnalls and Halle, 2007; McAusland, 2008). According to Krugman and Obstfeld (1994: 30), some among the negative impacts of globalization to the environment are damaging the things that people value most such as clean air and water. On the one hand, due to the rise of international transportation, Veen – Groot and Nijkamp (1993: 334) stated that it is not only air pollution that is contributed by globalization but as well as the greenhouse effect and depletion of ozone layer, which are both major environmental concerns. Apart from that, globalization damages the environment through its intrusion to landscapes (Veen – Groot and Nijkamp, 1993: 334). These are only some of the negative impacts of globalization to the environment. However, with the build – up of all these effects would for sure lead to destruction of the environment all over the whole world. Moreover, this brief background is essential in understanding the focus of this paper. Basically, the main goal of this paper is to understand in what ways are environmental issues fundamental to the experience and construction of globalization. Though globalization and environment are two different concepts which seem to be unrelated, the process of globalization must be defined and understood on how it is connected to the environment. Specifically, the effects of globalization to the environment, both direct and indirect, are identified in this paper to better understand the environmental issues crucial to the phenomenon of globalization. Understanding Globalization In order to understand in what ways are environmental issues fundamental to the experience and construction of globalization, to begin with, the concept of globalization must be defined. Globalization is a concept that is simply described as a process which causes the world to become more interconnected and more integrated. According to Anthony Giddens (1990: 64), the phenomenon intensifies the social relations of the entire world in such a way that the distant localities are still connected. Because of this, the understanding of geography and experience of localness are altered (Giddens, 1990: 64). That is because the world has seemed to be borderless. On the one hand, Croucher (2004; 10) stated that such interconnectedness of the developed and developing countries through increase specialisation is considered to contribute to economic growth. Meanwhile, Castells (2001: 52) expressed that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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