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Where the Action is in Contemporary Criminology - Essay Example

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Criminology refers to the scientific study of criminals and criminal tendencies and behavior. The aim of this study is to formulate theories that explain reasons behind the occurrence of crime while testing the same theories by behavior observation…
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Where the Action is in Contemporary Criminology
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Where the Action is in Contemporary Criminology

Download file to see previous pages... 2). “Theory is an activity that is very much where the action is in contemporary criminology”. This is so because the theories that have been developer to explain criminology are all based on occurrences and events that took place in a specific time and place. Where the action is, implies where the event took place. This so called action is what crime analysts use to build their criminology theories used both for speculative and preventive purposes. Through these theories, one is able to detect, discern and prevent criminal activity. Criminologists can also know how to respond to crime after it occurs based on these models. The various theories associated with criminology are distinct and applicable in different scenarios. They describe different courses of events and tell different tales. Some can be used in combination especially if the goals that get sought become achievable through different avenues. Unfortunately, criminology is a practice. This means that crime gets perpetrated (Ronald 2004, p.14). Though Criminology becomes based on a theoretical platform, the theories explain actual activities and events, and are an indicator of where the action is or where the action is going to be. Three integral parts make up the Criminal Justice System. This includes the legislature, the adjudication (Law Courts), and the correctional facilities (prisons, juvenile detention centers, jails, probation and parole). These arms of the Criminal Justice System work hand in hand to uphold the rule of law in society. Those who fail to do so get taken up by the system so as to protect the public (George 2007, p. 19). The Criminal Justice System has evolved over the years due to the changing dynamics of criminology. Over the years, crime has become complicated, and the criminal justice system has equally developed to level up to the ever changing phenomenon that is crime. As a result, there have been massive developments in the criminal justice systems both locally and abroad. The criminal justice system has developed to try and enhance crime prevention. It cannot be emphasized enough that crime prevented is crime stopped (George 2007, p. 79). Crime prevention is one of the goals of the criminal justice system. In a bid to reduce the occurrence of crime, several measures get undertaken by the different parts of the criminal justice system. The legislative arm of government has been keen to pass bills that spell out severe consequences for perpetrators of crime (George 2007, p. 69). The thought behind this is that this would act as a deterrent factor by instilling fear among criminals and reducing the odds of crime occurrence. In recent times, the members of the House of Representatives and Senate have been on a campaign to eradicate crime in their areas of jurisdiction. This has led to a reduction in crime occurrence, in the United States. Though politics has always been a challenge in the passing of criminal laws, significant strides get made to deter people from engaging in criminal activities due to the stringent measures put in place and laws passed against criminals (George 2007, p. 84). There has been a considerable development in the judicial system, especially the court system, to prevent crime. Changes get made by the different governments that assume leadership into power, especially with regard to the head of the courts. All this gets done in an attempt to spear head reforms in the courts that will lead to making of fair judgment (Anthony 2008, p. 90). Corruption and underhand dealing in the courts to alter judgments, and influence the outcome of court cases and trials, is now at its all time low. Keen vetting of judicial office holders such as judges and District Attorneys ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Demonstrated, will be the basic tenets of both theories in relation to crime with a few instances that will serve to show how these theories explain deviance. Both theories will also be examined insofar as their limitations. It will be argued that among the theories in question, conflict theory is more comprehensive than functionalism, but still limited in terms of the scope of explanation.
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2). “Theory is an activity that is where the action is in contemporary criminology”. This is because these theories get based on specific events. Where the action is, indicates where the event happened. This action is what crime analysts utilize to build their criminology theories, both for preventive and speculative and purposes.
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