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Globalization and Medias Influence of Perception of Luxury - Essay Example

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The author of this essay under the title "Globalization and Medias Influence of Perception of Luxury" touches upon the concept of the globalization taking shape in the world that makes it evident that the countries have been reduced to a small world. …
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Globalization and Medias Influence of Perception of Luxury
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Extract of sample "Globalization and Medias Influence of Perception of Luxury"

Download file to see previous pages Globalization unifies the globe into one world. The developments that have taken place in terms of globalization relate to the fact that globalization has created a lot of links that have led to the countries interacting. The media has managed to reduce the borders between states. Varying perceptions have been brought forward regarding the concept of globalization and the media. A total embrace of the aspect of globalization has seen a great change in the manner in which human beings interact in society. It is evident that the globalization impacts have touched on all parts of the economy ranging from political to economic ones. Moreover, the interactions have been made easier in the society, with the nations developing a form of interdependence between forms varies the modes of communicating parts of the global media world to the types of media. This essay shall highlight the impacts of technology, then highlight the concept of brand luxuries, and the reasons behind making purchases by the consumers. Body Technology in the form of media has impacted the process of globalization. Without the developments in media, the process of globalization would have not attained the level it is currently at. According to the research conducted by Rantanen (2005), the media has been indicated to be the major driving force in steering the process of globalization. The media, as an example of technology, has allowed the progress of production, the transmission of knowledge, and changing the perception of persons towards an understanding of the world. In relation to the media and the process of globalization, this technology has altered the intellectual ability of the individuals by imparting them with novel information that allows them to understand the systems in the social order, for instance, ability to learn new forms of production, whether in the manufacturing sector or even in the provision of services in relation to banking and security. The media is a form of technology. All forms of technology have a way of making life easier and making their lives more comfortable. This is to indicate that all forms of media have allowed individuals to come up with instruments that minimize the gaps between individuals in different areas of society. In the case of the computers, for example, the world has been made an easier place to live in, through an amalgamation of the parts of the computer to come up with databases that store data in the machine. In the current generation, a lot of people have been seen to embrace technology. Embracing a certain aspect means having the ability to control the same. Since the media is a form of technology, human beings have been seen to control it. This relates to the fact that some countries can be termed as rich in terms of technology, whilst others have been seen to be technologically poor. Through media and the implications of globalization, international distribution of television programs has been made possible; hence the international acceptance of television programs. Marketability of television programs has been trouble-free with the producers of the best sellers having an upper hand in the making profits in the business. Generally, programs of varying cultures have been easily transmitted from one continent to another. Movie series that have been shot in one country have been transmitted to all over the continents. All forms of technology have a lot to do with change. Media is a form of technology that has drastically changed the world. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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