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Past Experiences infamily member's life that greatly affected him/her - Essay Example

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22 April 2012. Interview Report Drug addiction is one of the biggest hurdles in the way of progress of the society in the contemporary age. With every passing day, more and more people are falling prey to drugs…
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Past Experiences infamily members life that greatly affected him/her
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Download file to see previous pages In this report, I have summarized the interview of my own brother, who is caught in the awful habit of drug addiction. My brother, John, is three years elder to me. He was a very bright student in the childhood. His academic performance was fair enough till the high school, after which, he joined a gang and started consuming drugs. In this paper, I have discussed how John got into drugs, how he changed from an occasional to a regular drug consumer, how drug addiction has impacted his academic career, what have been the implications of drug addiction on his health, and how his habit has impacted his relations with the family and the society. The discussion is followed by conclusion which compares John’s responses to the sociological theories. This report will provide a detailed insight into the potential causes for and ways in which teenagers become drug addicts. Knowledge of these causes is important for the policy makers to eradicate the evil of drug addiction from the society. My brother John is a little below the average height of boys his age and is overweight. He did not have a girlfriend until he was sixteen years of age. All of his friends were involved in relationships and would often ask John about his love life. His friends often made fun of him saying that he was too little to have a girlfriend. John felt like he should have been in a relationship while he was not. The peer pressure led him to commence search for a partner immediately. His search ended as he found Daniel, a sixteen year old in his class. The two tied up well. Daniel was on drugs and drank alcohol frequently. One day John was feeling very tense about something. He discussed the issue with Daniel and asked her help. Daniel encouraged John to try marijuana to regulate the stress. John hesitated a little in the start, but finally decided to give it a try. It was very unconventional in that teenagers normally start with cigarettes. Although it felt uncomfortable in the start, yet John liked the feeling he had. Nor only it made him feel liberated, John also liked the temporal numbness that had overcome him in the first trial. The stress was gone for a while. John conducted a little research and found that marijuana was not very uncommon among the teenagers and that it was not as harmful for health as he had anticipated. Convinced that he could tolerate the effects of its consumption, John decided to smoke it again. He loved everything that would make him look and feel bigger. Marijuana served the purpose, but with every cigarette that he smoked, the feeling would become weaker and lighter until he started to feel no difference in mood whether or not he smoked. That was when Daniel offered him Heroin to try, assuring him that this would be the best thing that had ever happened to John thus far in life. John tried Heroin and he found that Daniel had been indeed right. Heroin for sure was better than Marijuana. Gradually, he became a drug addict. This affected John’s studies seriously. In the start, he started to miss classes. Gradually, as his habit intensified, Daniel and John left the school, and this was when John’s academic career came to a halt. One day, my mother woke up and found that her diamond necklace was gone. In the days that followed, various other precious things from our home started vanishing. I suspected John because I knew he was on drugs. One day, I followed him to find that my suspicion was true as I saw John selling mom’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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