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Sociological Analysis of an Interviewee - Assignment Example

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Sociological Analysis of an Interviewee University Name The experiences, culture and personality all contribute to determine the choices that one makes in their day-to-day life. Alex Alleno is a socially strong person even though he had accused his elder siblings about cheating their parents…
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Sociological Analysis of an Interviewee
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Download file to see previous pages She has been successful in her career which she chose on her own. Alex is an independent and visionary person. She has been dreamy since her childhood to become a deejay and was inspired by numerous talented deejays. The most prominent reason that she likes about being a deejay is popularity and long lists of fans who keep on calling her and telling her that they love her. This feeling of being liked and appreciated and the ability to contribute to the well being of the people for whom she mattered the most has dominated her heart most of the time (Martin & Turner, 1986). At the same time, there are some issues that make her dislike her field. Prominent reason being the lack of privacy of a deejay and negative perception of selected sections of the society regarding her field of work make things difficult for her. Importantly, her siblings never show her encouragement or appreciation about her field of work. She feels left out and alone when at the same time she is filled with loving messages from her devoted fans. In this regard, Alex did not accommodate to the demands of her family as her work life is too tough and hectic. She hardly can manage to arrange a home dinner or meet with siblings at their place. However, she has a strong desire to serve the community in a better manner and to ensure that somehow she can bring a positive change in the society or happiness in the life of any aggrieved person through her radio programs. Her field of work involves a mixture of men and female. There is no fixed dominance of one type of sex that is encouraging for her as it helps her to work securely in any radio program that she likes. Her co-workers belong to a mixture of ethnic backgrounds which encourages diversity and international perspective. Her career needs and demands greatly influenced her decisions about her family as she had been passionate and ambitious to work. Whereas, her siblings were against her field altogether. They wanted her to pursue a legal or medical profession as they were pursuing. But, Alex wanted a totally different field for her that forced her to go against the decisions of her siblings. After she got married, her husband has been supportive of her and wanted her to continue her job. Her husband did the first shift and she did the second on rare occasions. Alex has always been careful in her marital relations as she had the fear of divorce because of her family disconnection. She did not want to lose her husband too just like she has lost her siblings. She does not have any household help as her husband cannot afford the increasing bills of housekeeper or lawn services and etc. Therefore, she does all the housework whenever she gets the time. Alex does not have any religious beliefs. Alex has grown up in a very protective and pampered family. She is the youngest of all three kids. Her parents have loved her a lot and so did her siblings. She was given everything she ever desired for and was given special treatment by her family. As a result, she became adamant and thought that everything she desires for should be hers (Macy & Willer, 2002). Her family remained intact as her mother and father loved each other. They remained together for all their lives and therefore, Alex got the love of both her parents. Her mother has been a housewife and her father is a prominent lawyer. The lawyer profession is largely dominated by males and therefore, there are little or no room for females intervention in the family affairs. But, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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