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Evaluating the Contribution the Study of Gender Has Made to Criminology - Essay Example

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Criminology Name: Institution: Sexual differences affect the orientation of gender terribly much. Scientists and researchers have been able to direct a debate that is considerable to the nature question, about certain differences in the biological sexuality…
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Evaluating the Contribution the Study of Gender Has Made to Criminology
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Extract of sample "Evaluating the Contribution the Study of Gender Has Made to Criminology"

Download file to see previous pages The differences in the gender behavior affect criminology, the strength and the ability that women have has been underestimated in the study of criminology. But off late women have started entering the criminology field and they are flooding this field day by day (Walklate, 2007 p25). Scientists have been studying the hormones and the dissimilarities biologically between men and women. The discoveries that have been made to show that women and men experience the world in a remarkably different way; this is entirely based on the hormones of both of the genders. This is because the two genders feel the world in different grades of sensitivity and this in turn makes it totally different for men and women to view the world in the same perception. Women and men have got majorly different brain cells and hormones in the two genders do not work in the same way (Woodworth, 1985 p56). A gender study is a study that is made to focus on the two genders and how they relate to each other. On the other hand, the study also takes in to account how it affects the social, cultural, and ethnic differences. There are several interdependencies that allow the gender study to provide a lot of know how. There are several researches that have been conducted in the past to ascertain the gender differences. These differences can be solved in a better manner, some of the solutions include; the needs for girls and boys can be met in a good way if they are given the educational and the basic needs for growing in an equal basis. Girls should be allowed to do any activities that boys can do. They should be allowed to pursue any form of course like criminology just like boys. This will ensure that there is gender equality and that every person in the society is given an equal chance to pursue their dreams. Women should be allowed to enter in to leadership positions to try and give their ideas to people. They can as well do their duties better just like the men. Criminology is a field that deals with the existence of a crime. This is the study of how to identify a crime, identify the source of the crime, and be able to solve the consequences of the crime. The study of criminology is an extremely vast field that is at the same time interdisciplinary. It acquires its research from the psychology, sociology, anthropology and from law to be able to create theories why the crimes take place. This study is able to identify the social response of the crime to the society. Criminology is then divided in to several other schools of thought whereby each of the schools is able to research the behavior of a criminal mind from a very different perspective. The mastery of the causes of the criminal behaviors, the thought of criminology and its theories is most often utilized in the justice system in trying to solve crimes (Jackson, 2000 p32). In the past centuries, criminology was characterized by feminism, but all this is changing with time. People did not want to involve women in the practice of criminology because they believed that women were weak and could not handle the pressure of investigating crimes, visiting crime scenes. People believed that women could not handle the pressure of prosecuting criminals and be able to sentence criminals to life imprisonment of to death. This is because of the belief that women are weak at heart, and they could not manage to handle such kinds of pressure. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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