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The Society and The Public Health Policies - Essay Example

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The society and the public health policies Name Institution affiliation Tutor Date The society and the public health policies Since the existence of human nature, there has been the existence of medical assumptions and perceptions based on their beliefs. In this century most medical assumptions and perceptions are based on rumors and experiences of other patients (Jonathan, 1998)…
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The Society and The Public Health Policies
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Download file to see previous pages For example, in the case of H.I.V, people tend to abstain or have safe sex for the fear of the disease. According to Michele (1998), patients diagnosed with the virus face very high levels of stigma in the society. Lifestyles in society also shape the perceptions of illnesses. There are some diseases associated with less fortunate individuals in society. For instance, cholera is assumed to be a disease caused by living conditions in less fortunate areas. On the other hand, obesity is perceived as a disease which only affect the rich and well off individuals in society. With different lifestyle in society, there is the different acquisition of medical care. Wealthy in people in society always seek the best treatment available mainly in private hospitals. Less fortunate individuals are only exposed to medical care which they can afford to fund. Mostly seek medical services from government hospitals. Government hospitals have always been perceived as not effective when it comes to the provision of medical services. Sighting the truth in the matter, the difference of death rates in private and government health institutions is very significant (Michael, 1997). In government medical institutions, there are reported cases of neglect or lack of proper expertise to save lives. This makes it clear that lifestyles in societies shape the mode and type of medical care provision. In this society, there is existence of some diseases which were not widespread in older generations. For instance, cancer has become the most rampant and deadly disease in this society. According to Ulrich (1995) in older centuries, cancer was not a developed and deadly perceived disease. The change in lifestyles causes the existence or the harshness of some illnesses. Additionally, they are the case of risks which the society is exposed to. Different people in society are exposed to different kinds of medical risks. In words of Margaret (2004) the exposure to risks depends on their lifestyles, their occupation and their perception of certain medical conditions. To generalize the perceptions and the medical assumptions of the society, there is the existence of the health policies. Health polices do little to change medical beliefs of the society but do not follow the perceptions especially if a person’s life is in danger. Health policies aim at sensitizing people on the importance of modern medical services and diverging people from traditional beliefs of illnesses. Michael (1997) says that to ensure the society is more vigilant to the health policies, the policies have legal frameworks. Society members face the risk of prosecution if they do not adhere to certain medical conditions. The health policies have seen the maturity of the society’s perceptions on illnesses. In the 21st century, all governments are held responsible of any health hazards in their countries. Due to this, governments have formulated medical plans to avoid any medical mishaps in their states (Margaret, 2004). Programs like immunizations have been made compulsory in some states. In the case of immunization, some society members perceive it as being forced to induce an illness in their body. In many instances, individuals have kept away from immunization programs since they do not trust in that mode of treatment. A century ago, polio was a very deadly disease which killed ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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