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Mexico City: The Last Twenty Years - Research Paper Example

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Mexico City: The Last Twenty Years Population, Economy and Social Structure By Sociology Professor University City Date Mexico City: The Last Twenty Years Population, Economy and Social Structure Introduction: “In 1992 the United Nations described Mexico City’s air as the most polluted on the planet.” (Hibler, 2012)…
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Mexico City: The Last Twenty Years
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Download file to see previous pages There have been many factors that have contributed to this phenomenon. The following research will focus on the last twenty years and how Mexico has changed. It will look at what the problems are now and how they have come to change the face of Mexico City. (Hibler, 2012). Population: If we look back as far as 1950 the population growth has been rapid. Between 1980 and 1990 the growth rate was nine percent, which did slow down due to the government creating a population control policy. (Case Study of Mexico City, 2012). By 1995 the population was estimated at 9.8 million in Mexico City and 16.9 million in the entire metropolitan area. The central city is where most of the density of the population lies and is estimated at 6,600 persons per kilometer. (Case Study of Mexico City, 2012). Statistics show that in 2009, the latest population records, Mexico City’s population to be 8,589,600 in the city and 21,027,200 in the Urban area. (Largest Cities in Mexico, 2009). Mexico City has grown at such a rapid rate that now 20 percent of the population in Mexico reside in the Mexico City area. The population is still increasing due to natural migration and a progressive increase. Migration has been attributed to the need for increased modernization and a need for employees in the city. Mexico City’s family heads make up 70 percent of workers in the city who originally came from rural areas of 5,000 persons or less. The other 30 percent of the population originated in the Federal District. This area consists of relatives of rural migrants or former small town residents. A little about the geographical area and climate lends a hint to some of the increasing problems that have plagued Mexico City for the last twenty years. The city is located in the central southern part of Mexico. The country shares boarders with the United States, Guatemala, and Belize. Mexico City lies in what is known as the Valley of Mexico. (Case Study of Mexico City, 2012). The Valley is located in a crater of an extinct volcano. The city is 2,240 meters above sea level; this causes lower oxygen levels, which result in higher emissions of carbon monoxide and other air quality compounds. (Hibler, 2012). The heat of the sun, which causes a smog layer over the city, intensifies this factor. The Valley is encircled by a series of mountain ranges from an old lake. Even though it is located in a tropical climate zone, the high altitude narrows the range of temperatures. The city is considered to have only three major seasons, mild (October to March), hot and dry (April to May), and rainy (June to September). (Case Study of Mexico City, 2012). A program called PROAIR 2002-2010 was upgraded to determine how improved air quality would improve health through the new population control policies. Roberto Munoz Cruz, the sub-director of information and analysis at Mexico City’s atmospheric monitoring system states, “it’s not air pollution that kills people but some people die sooner than they would otherwise.” (Hibler, 2012). The PROAIR 2002-2012 project was estimated at a cost in US dollars of $15 billion in public and private investments. (Hibler, 2012). The two major factors that have contributed to the air quality problems in Mexico City are attributed to Industrial growth, the rapid population boom from 3 million in 1950 to 20 million today. Secondly, an increase in gasoline combustion ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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