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Biracial/Multi-Ethnic People - Research Paper Example

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All across the globe people are mixing and matching. There is no longer such thing as “one race” besides the human race which covers and permeates the land. Everyone, from uncles, to grandfathers seem to be mixed and at some point, matched up with someone else of a different ethnicity. …
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Biracial/Multi-Ethnic People
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Download file to see previous pages The missionaries shared this view and went to the “ends of the earth” not only to teach about a better way of living, but to conquer. People from indigenous tribes began believing that it was the “whites” who brought the wealth and therefore, whites must be better. So they started marrying their family off to the missionaries who were almost always white. This marrying off idea contributed to the multi-ethnic and biracial form of life. Multiracial individuals and families are the fastest growing population in the US yet they are often silenced and marginalized when it comes to race. (McDowell 399)
Multi-cultural living is becoming so common that children are unaware that they are of different races. It’s no wonder it’s a no-brainer when friend one, asks friend two over to his house and the parents don’t ask “what color is he” like they may have in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s. It’s the new frontier as it was put by Tracy Turnblad in the hit musical Hairspray. This is, however, where we lose our new generation. They are so used to the idea of blending, that they don’t understand how privileged they are. They don’t understand the history. This is why we must educate them. How a child acts, or does not act is directly affected by both nature and nurture, but if nurture opens the doors to race, it is hard for nature to take its role. When we educate them, critical conversation is necessary within the family.
Both identity and development must take precedence when it comes to discussing issues in a multiracial setting. Multiracial families are not monolithic and therefore can’t be treated as one race due to generalization....
(McDowell 400) Regardless of how they are viewed, it is important to raise awareness of how being multiracial will affect a person’s personality, self-esteem and identity. Rarely does one who is part of several different races at the same time look or act the part. They never quite get it right for they may be confused as to their role in society. Their identity and who they are is greatly influenced by their nuclear circle, and then later on, as people expand, their extended circle. How is someone marked racially? Is it based on their color, background? Walk, or talk? Is it purely physiological, or is it more emotionally linked? So many questions with even more answers. Sometimes awareness comes to people in a vague manner. Partial awareness seems to be the most common form of awareness. (Pllegrini 536) According to Jacqaline Martinez, people who are multiracial or biracial go through three different forms of knowledge. The first one is unknowing-knowing. Then there is the pre-knowing-knowing. Finally there is the knowing-unknown. Each of these knowing phases allows the multiracial person to view their situation in an active and different light. The first stage depicts a subject who is partially conscious of his race and heritage. This subject or person has a very vague sense that is suppressed by assimilation. (Pllegrini 537) In the pre-knowing-knowing stage, the subject is marked by ambiguity, uncertainty, possibility and danger and often the subject wonders whether the question being asked about race is relevant to them at the time. When the subject or person starts posing specific questions about his or her own heritage and the relationship to race and race and racism, then the third and last stage is broached. This stage, the knowing-unknown is the stage ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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