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Violence and Sexual Harassment - Literature review Example

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The author of this literature review "Violence and Sexual Harassment" casts light on the sexual harassment being any behavior or unwanted attention of a sexual nature that is offensive, embarrassing or creates a hostile and intimidating working environment to an individual…
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Violence and Sexual Harassment
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Extract of sample "Violence and Sexual Harassment"

Download file to see previous pages Sexual harassment could occur between people of the same sex or the opposite sex. It commonly takes a pattern of behavior, but it can also take the form of a single incidence to direct towards a group of persons or an individual. It is noteworthy that all employees; whether supervisors, peers, or subordinates should treat one another with respect, tolerance, sensitivity, and impartiality. They should avoid any behavior that may create a hostile environment or intimidation at the workplace. However, this is not the case in most of the workplaces as observed. Many types of behaviors fall under the same umbrella of sexual harassment. There are effective ways as outlined in the law to deal with sexual harassment.
People consider sexual harassment as a “natural” practice based on pure sexual attraction (Petrocelli, and Barbara Kate, 3). A common say goes, “Boys will be boys”. They will always be attracted to women at all costs or any circumstance. Sexual harassment may result from the victim’s provocative dressing behavior, people stating, “she was asking for it” (Resnik 660). That statement is what most of the culprits say. They also believe that sexual harassment is justified because women are working in jobs traditionally held by men i.e. “it is men’s work; women should not be there.” The tradition that women should not have power still operates for some persons. In that, they believe that women should primarily be homemakers. In most cases, what follows is that there are no consequences for the harasser, no incentives to report sexual harassment (Baillien, Inge, and Hans 5). The victim receives blame while, in other cases, it is said that a work environment is permissive of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is also about economic motivations. Men have used it in maintaining their competitiveness in the workplace. Their aim in doing this is to preserve their most rewarding jobs as they brand women in such positions as incompetent and unsuitable for such positions.
Sexual harassment is a dignity insult in the workplace. Some theories characterize sexual harassment as a violation of dignity. They aim at prohibiting harassing behavior towards all workers regardless of gender (Heather, Vanessa, and Deborah 4). In fact, some Western European countries address such issues as “moral harassment,”, “workplace bullying” or “mobbing” thus; they focus less on the issue as a gender dynamic and more on the question of rights for all workers. Sexual harassment refers to any interaction be it verbal, or physical, that causes displeasure. This interaction could be verbal abuse, jokes, or conversations about sex or sexual suggestions or explicit language about sex that offends another person.
Pressure for sex e.g. one could be flirting, asking for sex, staring or brushing up against a person’s body, is an offensive behavior. It includes any physical contact that a person does not want like patting, pinching, hugging kissing or any unneeded touching (Baker 23). Showing any sexually explicit or degrading materials like posters, calendars, graffiti, or clothing with an offensive message is another conduct considered sexual harassment (Barickman, Barickman, and Paludi 133). Short message services (SMS) in mobile phones and emails or other communication tools that display offensive language is sexual harassment. A work-related event that is sexually oriented is a serious offense considered harassment.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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