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The Impact of Mass Media on Race Relations - Research Paper Example

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The impact of mass media on race relations Name: Institution: The impact of mass media on race relations In sociology, there are numerous discussions based on the role of the press in the society. The mass media play an enormous role in society (Husband, 1974)…
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The Impact of Mass Media on Race Relations
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The Impact of Mass Media on Race Relations

Download file to see previous pages... They have played a vast and crucial role in the way white Americans identify the blacks. Therefore, this article will discuss how the mass media have influenced the distorted perception of the black-Americans by the whites. The term mass media refers to the collective media technologies intended to reach a large audience through a mechanism called mass communication (Balkaran, 1999). This includes broadcast media, print media, and internet media among others. This form of mass communication is effective since it reaches a wide audience (Wilson, Chao & Gutierrez, 2010). This shows that mass media has become exceedingly prominent in the recent society. On the other hand, racism simply refers to the different inherent traits in human races that justify discrimination (Bissler, 2012). Racism and racial discrimination may lead to harm of the parties involved. The history circulating around African-Americans has become a struggle for a long time now (Asgeirsson, 1987). This struggle is propelled against oppression and discrimination that majorly rises from the whites (Balkaran, 1999). The struggle arose from mass media influence. It clearly noted that the mass media are still playing a key-role in demeaning and contributing into the African –Americans status as second-class citizens. In order to be well conversant with the connection between racism and mass media, we should study the history of racism first, and relate it to the mass society. In the late 70s, the North American mass media of Canada were contributing largely to the racial fabric of the Canadian society (Asgeirsson, 1987). This forced most of the community organizations to become concerned in relation to the happenings in the state. The Canadian government at the federal and the provincial level were aware of the problem, and they intervened trying to seek remedies to the situation (Balkaran, 1999). They held a conference in Toronto to discuss ways of resolving the issue. There was meaningful change made by the federal government (Husband, 1974). In this period, the media still had a strong influence to the people. Those who were working in the media each had a peculiar responsibility. They claimed that they had a role to influence the society positively. However, some of them tried claiming that their role is to reflect objectively to societal issues. The media distinguished the working class and the stereotyped African-American males as gangsters and drug dealers (Balkaran, 1999). They ensured that they focused on the negative aspects of the black community only. Some of the aspects that the mass media relates with the black community include drug abuse, welfare abuse and criminal activity. The mass media also maintains that due to such traits, the black community maintains a cycle of extreme poverty (Bissler, 2012). They have spent much time describing the problems that arise from the backgrounds of the African-Americans. The consequences related to a lethal linkage are cultural decay, political lethargy and economic decline were said to originate from the African-Americans (Husband, 1974). All this consequences were a portrayal that the black community was exclusively accountable for riots and breach of the peace. Therefore, race springs out as a catalyst to the above consequences. The mass media portrays an example of a demonstration that took place in Los Angeles in 1992. About 36% of the people arrested in connection to the breach of peace were from the black communi ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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