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This paper will speak about theoretical perspectives explaining marriage and family. Defining a family has been a challenge to sociologists for a long time. Traditionally and in legal terms, a family is defined as more than two people who trace their relationship to marriage, birth, adoption and live in the same household…
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Theoretical Perspectiveto Explaining Marriage and the Family
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Download file to see previous pages They view this as the most sensible way of living that ensures stability in the society. According to this definition, a family is both universal and functional. Murdock (1949) argued that all societies are based on the structure of the family and hence the family is universal. The family is considered universal because it serves various functions for its member and society. These functions are majorly reproduction and nurturing of the resultant children, sex, economic provision, and education. Conflict Theory This theory evaluates the conflict between different groups. It examines disagreements between people, competition for scarce resources and struggle for power. In a family perspective, the theory examines how families deal with change, differences, and conflicts. The theory is opposed to the idea that families are harmonious. It states that family conflicts are normal and family dynamics are only understood by singling out the origin of the conflict and the power source. It further states that solutions are only found through proper communication, readiness to change and proper understanding and empathy (Hughes and Kroehler 2005). Feminist Perspective This theory mainly focuses on gender issues. Males are perceived as dominant over women. This is seen as being oppressive to women both in the family and the society. The theory was brought forward to fight oppression and insubordination against women based on ethnicity, social class, sexual orientation and age. The theory has led to political actions to address social discriminations against women and children. This perspective advocates for recognition of women as equal beings and involvement of men in chores that were...
This paper approves universal definition of a family is nonexistent. Different cultures and societies define a family differently. Even in the same society, the definition of family changes over time. Some theoretical definitions of the family allow for flexibility in defining the family. For example, social constructionism agrees that there is no correct definition to the term family. Family development theory also defines a family depending on its developmental stage. However, these theories fall short in one way or another. For instance, social constructionism theory disregards the influence of biology on culture and behavior. Likewise, family developmental theory focuses more on the family while disregarding the society.
This study talks that social constructionism theory allows for definition of the family based on time, location, and culture. However, the theory disregards the influence of biology on behavior and culture. This is in spite of the widely accepted belief that behavior results from interaction between cultural and biological influences. Family systems theory attempts to understand the behavior of the behaviors of individuals and families. As the theory proposes, members of the family are interrelated just as different parts of a system. For better understanding of the family, it must be viewed from the perspective of the entire system. However, the theory is too general hence sometimes cumbersome to understand and individual. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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