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Concept of the Working Class in Modern Britain - Coursework Example

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Running Head: Concept of the working class in modern Britain Name: Instructor: Institution Affiliation: Date: Introduction The working class is the concept that has been used by the social scientists such as Max Weber, Karl Marx and Emile Durkheim to mean the people in the society who are not the owners’ of means of production…
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Concept of the Working Class in Modern Britain
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Concept of the Working Class in Modern Britain

Download file to see previous pages... This was because of emergence of factories where the workers were employed to do manual work. According to Marx, the analysis of social class, the class structure and the changes in those structures are crucial to understanding capitalism and other systems of production such as socialism and communism. The conventional creation of social class in Britain is to view Britain as being divided into three social classes: working, middle and upper. The social class has often changed and the issue of working class has degraded due to full time employment (Crompton, 1998, p.98). Body Karl Marx viewed class as the relation in which individuals discover the identity of their shared interests, which happens in the process of engaging in the struggle against other individuals who have clashing ideas. According to him, the social classes are determined and structured by economic influences such as; means of production, possession of property, labour and work. He argued that the class is determined by the amount and means of production and that the main prerequisite for class existence is the possession of surplus product. Hence, the Marxists view the struggle between bourgeoisie and proletariat as a war of classes with each having an aim of controlling classes. Marx designed the embourgeoisement theory, he defined it as the process where the working class transforms and acts like the middle class through achievement of better economic security and material possession .He viewed the working class as having no other resources apart from their ability to work manually (Crompton, 1998, p.112). Marxist believes that the workers unions champion the change in class. This means that the daily bread of the proletariats is determined by the will of the bourgeoisie who are the owners of production to employ and pay. As these two classes are in constant struggle for the survival, bourgeois will always try to accrue profits and capital to maintain their status quo (Crompton, 1998, p.97). They manage to do this by making the wages of the working class as low as possible thus making it impossible for them to gain ownership of property and class elevation. It is because of this struggle that has led to conflicts such as political struggle and strikes. This constant conflict has led to historical changes according to Marx. The other social class according to Marx is the petite. These groups of people own little property, which cannot allow them to have all work done by employed labours. They are the small-scale owners and are also workers as well. There is also a small social stratum called the underclass which is composed of the disadvantaged divorced women and their children. These classes always have divided interest of conserving private property and that of property rights. They have conflicting welfares with the bourgeoisie (O'Donnell, 1997, p.140). Weber views social stratification in a three-component theory. He argued that financial condition of an individual such as; industries, buildings and farms houses are used to put into class. He argued that one’s class position and chance is determined by how one is situated in the market place (Crompton, 1998, p.113). He argues that for one to dominate he must control access of the anticipated social resource. Since the bourgeoisie have the necessary resources, they always control the working class who do not own means of production. It is the social resource that commands positive ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Working Class in Modern Britain
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