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The Issues of Ship's Transverse Stability while Dry-Docking - Math Problem Example

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The paper «The Issues of Ship's Transverse Stability while Dry-Docking” gives an estimate to such factors as winds and currents, as well as location, design, and equipment of dockyard, main stages of dry docking to ensure optimal terms for maintenance of the ship and the staff's safety.  …
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The Issues of Ships Transverse Stability while Dry-Docking
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Download file to see previous pages The key-factor to dry-dock a ship is to support it avoiding the possible and potential hazard, while it is taken out of the water. Both with the moments of the dry-docking and re-launching a ship several issues of transverse stability are to be tackled in order to ensure the safety of the ship and to avoid any damage. The issues are as following:
- Positive Initial GM; 
- Lining up Vertically with the Center-line; 
- Lining up Vertically over the Center-line of the Keel Blocks; 
- Managing the Critical Period. 
When the ship is fully waterborne, it is completely stable enough to avoid any major collision. But as soon as its stern touches the blocks due to the fall of the water level when the water is pumped out, the draft aft will decrease (Docking and Launching). The water will be pumped out, till the ship will fully land on the blocks throughout its length. During the critical period between the landings of the stern and the other end of the ship, most of the issues of transverse stability need to be addressed. At the beginning of the critical period when the stern touch the blocks, they are to bear a part of the weight of the ship and an up-thrust is created at the stern. Consequently, the metacentric height of the ship decreases due to the up-thrust of the blocks at the stern. During the critical period, an effective and positive GM (metacentric height) is to be maintained.
While docking a ship, an Effective Metacentric Height (GM) is necessary for Transverse Stability of the ship. At the beginning of the critical period when the ship touches the blocks, its stability depends on two supports: one by the blocks and the other by its buoyancy at the other end. The situation increases the virtual center of gravity and decreases the metacentric height. Determining an Effective Metacentric Height for Transverse Stability necessarily involves measuring the positive metacentric height for any instant while dry-docking. If the metacentric height is excessively decreased and the buoyancy is not more than the inclined weight of the ship, its stability will be affected. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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