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Anxiety - Research Proposal Example

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In the paper “Anxiety disorders” the author analyzes anxiety symptoms. He indicates that the prevalence rate of anxiety in nursing homes is up to 29%. Studies by various researchers have shown that the adversative results of raw anxiety in older patients comprise poor acquiescence with medical usage.
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Anxiety Research Proposal
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Extract of sample "Anxiety"

Download file to see previous pages representative sample of adults aged 55 or older from the United States, found that only 33.7% of the respondents with current GAD reported onset before the age of 50, with an increase in incidence around the age of 55. These findings warrant consideration in the educational policy making process. This indicates an initial motive of study that was not mentioned, which is the pursuit of educational reform. If this is the case, then, an argument about physical education should be discussed within the study along with the inclusions of other findings. This can also be the basis for the emergence of new research to satisfy this need. Lastly, the term “physical activity” is broad term which activates curiosity to the rate of physical activity performed on a given basis by children that justifies a positive correlation between physical activity and academic performance. New research should be carried out to come up with better solutions to controlling the reaction of the anxiety ill patients. IV. Research objective Anxiety ailments are common and expensive in mature adults. Using changes in demographics of the people in general, anxiety disorders in late life will become a cause of accumulative private and communal cost. However, the discovery and identification of anxiety disorders in late life is complicated by perceptive decline, medical comorbidity, and changes in life conditions that do not face younger age groups. V. Research Questions and/ or Hypothesis Anxiety disorders are prevalent in older age persons, but less prevalent in younger persons. An edge exists concerning anxiety signs of younger and older persons, even though there are some variances as well as margins to the evaluation of signs amongst elder adults. Anxiety disorders are concomitant with...
The sampling strategy that I am going to use is a random sampling method. It is commonly known as quota sampling strategy. This method will involve segmenting the population into mutually exclusive sub-groups. I will identify the proportions of these subgroups in the population. I will apply these proportions in the sampling process. I will then select the subjects from the various subgroups while taking into consideration the proportions noted in the previous steps. This will ensure that the sample is a represents the entire population. This strategy will also allow me to study the characteristics that will be discovered in each subgroup.
IX. Measurement, Indicators, and Validity
Anxiety Disorders
The anxiety disorders as described by CCHS-1.2 will include panic disorder, social phobia, and agoraphobia. In this study, I will code those meeting the criteria for at least one of these disorders in the past 12 months as having a past-year anxiety disorder (Nydegger, 2011).
Anxiety Symptoms
I will measure past-month anxiety symptoms that will be based on the response to four items from the Kessler 10-item distress scale. Respondents will answer how often they have experienced each of the items during the previous month on a scale of 5 points that will range from 0 times, to 5 times, whereby 5times will be the highest scale. For items that I will include in the anxiety factor will include the frequency of feeling ‘nervous’, ‘so nervous that nothing could calm you down’, ‘restless or fidgety’. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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