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Discrimination of Female Nurses in High Posisitons by Males - Research Paper Example

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Sociology of Minorities: Discrimination of Female Nurses in High Positions by Males Number) (Name of Professor) Sociology of Minorities: Discrimination of Female Nurses in High Positions by Males I. Introduction The study of man and the way he interacts with those around him has long been a discourse that has captured the attention of scientists for centuries…
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Discrimination of Female Nurses in High Posisitons by Males
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Extract of sample "Discrimination of Female Nurses in High Posisitons by Males"

Download file to see previous pages It is in these studies that sociology enters. Sociology refers to the study of social groups, especially the relations between groups, the processes that affect the said groups, and their modes or forms of organization (Johnson, 2001). In its most basic sense, sociology involves the study of society, and of social groups. Society involves the association of individuals bound by a common factor, whether it be a common end, common beliefs, traditions, cultures, professions, institutions, interests, activities and others. Society involves an organized group with an ordered pattern of interaction and relationships (Giddens & Griffiths, 2006). This ordered or organized pattern of interaction involves both spoken and implied rules of behavior and communication that are affected by the individual’s race, ethnicity, gender, culture and others. Indeed, in these modern times, society now involves a mix of individuals with different races, cultures, and values. Similarly, social groups involve two or more individuals interacting with each other and who share a sense of unity or similar characteristics. Although social groups have almost similar definitions with societies, a society is often viewed as something larger, and social groups are smaller in size as compared to societies. A society or social groups is usually guided by values and perspectives related to it. Social values, sometimes explicitly written down as laws and regulations, govern how the individual interacts with other members of the society, and how the society or social group behaves. However, not all social values are explicitly written down or announced, and a greater percentage of behavior and etiquette are sometimes implied. These social values are given from one member of the society or social group to another, by virtue of parenting, observation, and similar other means. However, the aforementioned patterns of interaction within social groups and within the society, as well as the noncompliance with the set social values, can also bring with it conflicts. Most commonly, conflicts within the society come from imbalances in positions, status, opinions, and others. Therefore, conflicts sometimes especially stem from stratifications in the members of the society. These strata most commonly involve status differences that are brought about variances in values, race, culture, educational attainment, profession, and even gender. These differences create dominant and minority groups that then battle for power, resources, and similar other objects. In the minority-dominant group interaction, the minority receives unequal, treatment from the greater society (Parrillo, 2011). In the label “minority group”, the word “minority” does not necessarily refer to the number of the members of the minority population but rather, the lower status and relative power of the group in the society. Most commonly, race and ethnicity are the leading factors that cause these differences in perceived power and status of the groups in the society. According to Parrillo (2011), race involves the categorization wherein “individuals sharing common biological traits regard themselves or are regarded by others a single group on that basis” (p.11). More importantly, these differences then stimulate ethnocentrism, which then also leads to more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Discrimination of Female Nurses in High Posisitons by Males Research Paper.
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