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Ghost of Ahu Ghraib vs. The Road to Guantanamo - Movie Review Example

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Ghost of Abu Ghraib and The Road to Guantanamo on American Policy toward torture and the "unlawful" detaining of "civilians" It is very evident that these two films focused towards torture and the “unlawful” detaining of “civilians”. According to the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ) Article number 97, “unlawful detention” is committed by “any person subject to this chapter who, except as provided by law, arrests, or confines any person shall be punished as a court-martial may direct” (10 USC § 897 - Art…
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Ghost of Ahu Ghraib vs. The Road to Guantanamo
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Download file to see previous pages Torture includes detainees being jumped on their legs which were already wounded, wounded legs being pounded with metal batons, and legs and even penises being tied by ropes and dragged across the floor. Torture was not the only acts done by the American soldiers but also inhumane acts such as sexual assault and rape. The film entitled The Road to Guantanamo nevertheless narrated the experience of the four British Muslims from Tipton who ended up in Camp X-ray and Camp Delta which is considered to be the world’s most recognized maximum security jails. They spent years living in the jail or cages as they described the place being treated like animals by the American soldiers. Both films showed how the American Policy towards torture was implemented by the forces of the military. These documentary films released in 2006 according to Markert (2011) were focused on the abuses in Abu Ghraib and identifying who were responsible for these acts of torture. These films showed how the American government encouraged and promoted the acts of torture and that the exposed photographs did not show isolated cases but proved the stance of the government during those times towards torture. Ghost of Abu Ghraib and The Road to Guantanamo on "enlightenment" to viewer about American foreign policy The documentaries were aired by the filmmakers not only to inform and expose to the audience what’s happening in the said places but also to open the eyes of those watching on what really lies beneath the actions of the military personnel involved in the scandalous acts of torture towards civilians. In the film Ghost of Abu Ghraib, Markert (2011) described the film as something that did not add awareness to audience to what has been exposed already about Abu Ghraib before; instead the film highlighted the government’s skill in handling the exposed scandal. The film pointed out that the American forces’ mistake is not because they tortured their detainees but that they followed the orders of their seniors. The brutality and inhuman acts of the military personnel towards their captives in Abu Ghraib was noted to be a result of the orders of the higher authorities of the military. Therefore, if the soldiers only acted in obedience to the given orders to them, it shows that the American government promoted and encouraged such actions towards their so called captives or “enemies”. On the other hand, unlike the Abu Ghraib case, the Guantanamo scandal gained more impact upon showing those pictures that showed what really happened in the place. The base in Cuba is considered the infamous place with the maximum security level which made it really difficult for the public to know what is taking place in the said base. Markert (2011) said that reason why only few were aware of the situation in Guantanamo is because “no authorized military personnel had access to the base in Cuba.” The film narrated how the three captured British Muslims suffered from the Northern Alliance troop even while they were still transported to the base. They were forced and tied up to sealed metal containers which caused suffocation amongst the captives. These people were caught and detained without being proved to be terrorists or involved in Taliban groups. Red Cross ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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