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An Investigation into the rise of Academies and the decline of Comprehensive Schools. Who Benefits within Society - Literature review Example

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Name of the of the Concerned Professor Sociology 6March 2012 An Investigation into the Rise of Academies and the Decline of Comprehensive Schools: Who Benefits within Society? Almost ninety percent of the students within the United Kingdom study in the publically funded schools (Franklin & McCulloch 2007)…
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An Investigation into the rise of Academies and the decline of Comprehensive Schools. Who Benefits within Society
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Download file to see previous pages However, in the recent times, the trend has been to convert Comprehensive Schools managed by the local authorities into Academies, thereby giving way to an intense debate on the nature and scope of the education within the United Kingdom. The rise of the Academies followed from the state objectives of ushering in a new type of leadership in school education (Ball 2008). However, it still remains to be conclusively established whether the Academies are serving the purpose, which they were expected to serve? One main objective that was envisioned was that Academies will improve the quality of education within the United Kingdom, thereby propitiously improving the academic performance of pupils (Ball 2008). However, many studies are pointing towards the glaring fact that such expectations are grossly misplaced. As per a recent study mentioned by Danny Brierley in one his articles published in the London Evening Standard, the GCSE results furnished by Academies are not much different from the academic results furnished by other schools (2009). Though it is quite different that that the ministers are vociferously claiming that the results originating from the Academies are way ahead of the results furnished by Comprehensive Schools (Brierley 2009). ...
mics, under the aegis of The Centre for Economic Performance, focusing on the GSCE results of twenty seven academies initiated in the period 2002-2006, the GSCE results have certainly improved, yet, they are fairly comparable to the GCSE scores of many other so called poorly performing schools (Brierley 2009). As per Joan Wilson affiliated to the London Institute of Higher Education and Professor Stephen from University College London, “Overall these changes in GCSE performance are statistically indistinguishable from one other (Brierley 2009).” However, the critics of comprehensive schools are putting forward the argument that the academies being institutions of recent origin, didn’t get enough time to register a marked improvement over the weak comprehensive schools that they were meant to replace (Ball 2008). On the other side the Unions and the Left Wing MPs are starkly defining the coming into existence of academies as an onset of the privatization of the school education in the United Kingdom (Franklin & McCulloch 2007). Still, there seems to be existent, conclusive evidence corroborated by the relevant bodies of opinion that the results extended by academies are certainly not dramatically way above those furnished by the Comprehensive Schools. Even if there is a tinge of fact in the studies that claim that the results given by academies are far from being impressive, as they were expected to be, then the question that gains prominence is that who are the people who are actually benefitting from the coming into existence of academies in the United Kingdom? In the recent times have emerged many media reports which to some extent settle the doubts as to the true beneficiaries of the money being doled out to the academies by the state (Franklin & McCulloch ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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