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Socialization from Infancy - Research Paper Example

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This essay Socialization from Infancy declares socialization which is an important social process. Majority of the characteristics adopted by human beings is because of socialization. Socialization is said to begin at birth, and others suggest that it begins even before birth. …
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Socialization from Infancy
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Socialization from Infancy

Download file to see previous pages... As the paper stresses socialization is one of the significant processes. Without socialization, human beings cannot take part in group life and thus cannot develop the majority of the characteristics that human beings are associated with. Socialization at levels of human development (infancy, adolescence, and childhood) makes a significant contribution to the development of personality and an individual’s capability to engage in social life.
According to the report findings socialization is suggested that the process may even start before birth. This is because parents are capable of knowing the gender of the child at the fetus level and begin to speak to the unborn child. In the childhood stage, socialization is marked by learning through playing. When parents identify the sex of the baby, the life of the child is largely defined by his or her sex/gender. At the age of two, the child begins to realize that certain activities and objects are appropriate to particular gender roles. In other words, modeling behavior starts to emerge at this stage. The child’s rules are not flexible, but they are universal, for instance, men are the only people who can shave their faces. Early in the childhood, homo social play begins; that is, the play is characterized by gender segregation. The children play more interactively and actively with the same-sex playmates. It is important to note that during the school years, gender roles among the children are used as the measure through which their peers judge them. Violation of these roles usually results into rejection. During the adolescence stage, being male or female is practiced. In this stage, there is firm establishment of the gender roles; these roles guide the adolescents “through their exploitation of peer relationships and different “love styles” with potential partners” (Carroll, 2009, p108). The major role in the adolescent stage is trying to figure out what being a man or a woman means and an attempt to adapt to that role. Boys rapidly learn how to become popular through such means as becoming interested and good at sports, not becoming overly emotional, and expressing their interest in women and sex (Carroll, 2009). On the other hand, girls are supposed to exercise a considerable amount of sexual self-control, show their concern with appearance and interest in men. Deviation from gender role behavior among boys results in more severe consequences than when girls deviate. The stage can be very difficult for those who are bisexual, homosexual, or transgendered. Changing roles throughout the years are very confusing for the adolescents; this is because adolescent boys and girls receive messages that are contradicting. For instance, conventional male attitudes value suppression of emotions, sexual relationship control and sex achievement. Today, heterosexual boys approached by the girls are not necessarily sexually experienced, and it is expected of them to be sensitive to female equality issues. Although the playing field between the sexes has been leveled by all these changes, it is still difficult for them to enter sexual adulthood (Carroll, 2009).  Families and careers characterize adulthood; as both women and men enter adulthood, they tend to get their gender identity from two realms – ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The specific feeling is explained as follows: there are people that wish to help others, no matter if the rewarding is not equal to their efforts (Calabrese 2004, p.21). People belonging in the above category tend to sacrifice their own interests for the good of others; in practice, it has been proved that the percentage of people entering nursing for the above reason can be high (Calabrese 2004, p.21).
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Gender Socialization

The author states that for preteens and teenagers, the clothing was much more identifiable for male versus female articles, often decorated with different slogans and faux jewelry, suggesting a less rigorous lifestyle. These differences between early-aged youths and teenagers exist as it is during this stage where youths experience moratorium.

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Impact of Family Size on Socialization Process
It is the institution that provides the individuals with food, shelter, comforts and love, and offers unabated and unflinching moral and financial support to the members belonging to it. Additionally, family is also the first center that provides basic education, training, mannerism and ways to enter into interaction and communication with others.
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Parent: Child Relationships from Infancy through Adulthood
Factors such as monetary and emotional pressure, communal support, and parent behavior may control qualities of the parent-child relations as well as the impact of that association on the kid's growth. Monetary and emotional anxieties harmfully influence the health of parents and negatively influence their consideration and understanding towards their kids.
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The Internet Decreases Socialization
The number of advantages this new technology can have for all humanity is too many to ignore. Via the Internet, all parts of the world have become just a click away from us. Because this is a new technology, the Internet is used primarily by young people to know more about the world around them.
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This entire process is known as socialization and it becomes the glue that keeps a civilized culture functioning properly. Without duly socialized citizens, an entire society can crumble in a midst of chaos and confusion. By learning the skills needed to be productive members of society and to function according to the set values and beliefs of the majority, individuals can conform and become functioning citizens of any culture.
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Health and Wellness: Infancy though Adulthood
In this similar context, these changes are mostly identified in terms of emotional, physical, sociological and psychological attributes possessed by an individual. Various Developmental Changes that Occur in Each Stages of Life Physical Developmental Changes For any individual, physical activities relating to physical changes can be considered as a necessary component for maintaining a healthy life.
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Genedr socialization
The process involves verbalization, manipulation and canalization. There is a growing mindset that gender definition is subject to culture and social norms. The media plays a crucial role in the reinforcing and understanding of gender issues. The research aims at investigating the problem of gender socialization among adolescents and the impact influence exerted by the media.
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Attachment in infancy
Amongst all these mentioned roles, the most essential and vital role is of an attachment figure as it helps in forecasting the child’s later emotional and social development. Attachment is one circumscribed and particular facet of the association between a caregiver and a child where the caregiver is involved in keeping the child protected, secure and safe.
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Socialization and development
Biological development is an important factor in terms of individual formation, and its connection and relation to the process of socialization contribute to successful and proper gaining
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