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Making the Right Choice Towards the Issue on Polygamy: Is it a Religious Right or a Criminal Act - Research Paper Example

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Making the Right Choice Toward the Issues on Polygamy: Is it a Religious Right or a Criminal Act? People have varied interpretations of what is rightful or wrongful. What is right for one can become wrong in the eyes of another. Oftentimes, religion plays a key role unto how the individual makes choices and judgments in a certain situation…
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Making the Right Choice Towards the Issue on Polygamy: Is it a Religious Right or a Criminal Act
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Download file to see previous pages In other words, an individual will undergo marriage to another individual with knowledge that one of them is already married. A man having two or more wives is called polygyny while a woman having more than one husband is called polyandry (Selverstone 216). When talking about religious beliefs, the issues of faith, principles, and morality are being dragged into the center of everything. Tension usually arises when religions argue about matters that question their stand on ethicality. The issue on the continued practice of polygamy is only one of the many unresolved concerns of the various religions existing in this world, yet, it has remained unclear whether it will be accepted as a religious right or converted to a criminal act. To some people, this practice is acceptable to the moral laws of God even pointing to it as a part of his commands to humankind. On the other hand, there are people who strongly disagree with it, referring to it as something, which is undeniably immoral and out of sanity. At one point, some people may think that the right of their religion to express their faith is violated when polygamy is criticized. In other respects, there are those people who affirm the abolishment of this practice, condemning it as an act that is not only against the laws of the court but also the laws of God. All these reactions show how divided the world is when it comes to issues that involve the family, most especially when it already takes into account their religious beliefs and principles in life. American Mormons, at some point, practiced polygamy, in spite of their knowledge that this practice is illegal in the country and in other countries, as well (Zeitzen 7). They are open to the idea of having more than a single wife or husband living in a single roof, sharing their intimate moments alternately with their partners every single day of their lives. With this kind of setting, many people wonder if the multiple number wives or husbands feel jealousy because it seems that they have already rejected this emotion and replaced it with the belief that what they are doing is right--that there is nothing wrong with marrying a man or a woman who already has two or three existing wives or husbands. However, some Mormons are denying the allegation that they still do practice polygamy in recent times. Although they have not admitted its practice, still they have not rejected the idea that polygamy is acceptable as written in the book of Mormon. Other than the American Mormons, polygamy is also being practiced by those people under the religion Islam. Muslims practice polygamy (polygyny), but it is limited only to the male members of their religion. Hence, women are not permitted to marry more than one man, and they are to respect this commandment or else they will be bound to suffer the consequences. According to the Qur'an, which is the holy book of the Muslims, the male members of their religion are allowed to marry more than one woman, but this will depend on the given conditions (Joseph and Najmabadi 248). The two circumstances when a Muslim man may commit polygamy are only during times of social hardship or for humanitarian purposes (Joseph and Najmabadi 248). Catholics consider marriage as one of its seven sacraments, a once in a lifetime dream event of a man or woman who ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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