Ethical Problems of Gambling - Essay Example

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In the American society, it can be observed that gambling has held its prominence. It has even become a leisure activity for some individuals in the society. For some, it has been parts of their everyday lives. The ethical issues and problems of gambling have been presented. For the point of view of the utilitarian, at some points, gambling can be considered morally right. …
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Ethical Problems of Gambling
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Download file to see previous pages Ethical Issues and Problems of Gambling With the given probable outcome of winning more money, people are putting at stake their own money. In the realm of gambling, if one wins more money, it is considered good while when one loses more money, it is otherwise. According to Blaszczynski et al. (1997), some people engage on gambling as a part of their leisure activities and it has been a form of recreational activity for the majority of the people. According to Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH, 2008), problems concerning gambling are not just about losing money but taking into consideration the degree of involvement, its overall effects can impact a person’s entire existence. It can affect the way one work or performs in school or other activities, can damage psychological, physical and economic health, can ruin one’s reputation, and can also result to social problems with how one interacts with family or friends. The issues and problems of gambling occur in different levels. It can start from mild and extend up to a severe level. There are people who casually gamble yet do not go through any harm. There are the serious social gambler types who use to play on a regular basis but ensure that family and work must always be the highest priority. Also, there are people who overly gamble in which the impacts are negative such as experiencing physical, mental, financial, and social problems (CAHM, 2008). These people have all engaged in gambling though the effects that they experience are not the same to each other. Meanwhile, some perceive gambling as addictive disorder (Rosenthal and Lesieur, 1992; Jacobs, 1993). It is addictive in the sense that gamblers tend to...
Ethical Problems of Gambling

Gambling comes in different forms which have included four (4) types of activities such as gaming, betting, lottery and speculation. The first type, gaming, is regarded as the exchange of money or some items of material value based on the outcome of game. This includes games such as cards, roulette and electronic gaming devices. The second type, betting, is considered the placing of wagers on the will – be – winner of the events like race, sports, and others. The third type, lottery, was characterized by paying of money to participate where winners are selected by means of random drawing of lots. The fourth type, speculation, is categorized as the investment of money in stock market activities, insurance, as well as in business ventures (Blaszczynski et al. 1997). However, with the advancement of technology, gambling has evolved and developed which leads to an increase of availability and accessibility to its different forms. From the traditional gambling forms, it has evolved to other forms such as instant scratch lotteries, online poker, electronic gaming devices like video – draw poker and others.

According to utilitarianism, gambling is morally right if one feels happy on the end result of the activity. By happiness, it means one should find pleasure and feel no pain on the consequence of an action. In the arena of gambling, it is just about winning or losing the money of a person at stake. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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