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Defining and Understanding the Problem of Neglectful Families - Literature review Example

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Defining and understanding the problem of neglectful families and how the attitude of health care professionals as gatekeepers is instrumental in positive outcomes for children in care of the state in Ireland. The current research telling us about attachment?…
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Defining and Understanding the Problem of Neglectful Families
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Extract of sample "Defining and Understanding the Problem of Neglectful Families"

Download file to see previous pages Child protection register also indicates that, across UK, the neglect case registration is on the increase. England’s latest statistics up to March 2007 shows that among the registered neglect cases, 44% are children’s case. Other sources also indicate that the neglect rate is higher than other maltreatments towards children, such as sexual or physical abuse. Neglect can be defined as a multi facet concept which has a non unitary nature. Lack of consensus in its definition brings confusion in the scale of the problem, its assessment, its causes and the approaches or practices to prevent these problems or reduce its dangerous effects. Neglect has a very big impact on children; it can have a damaging effect on all the development stages of a child including socio economic, physical, behavioral and cognitive development. There won’t be a correct way of development in a child’s brain if there are no sufficient cares giving experiences. Hence, such bitter, neglected experiences, especially in childhood, or in the first three years of life, can bring a lasting of the child’s brain effect on the functioning. Here is the importance of early intervention. Early intervention in neglected cases can optimize the chance of healthy environment around the infants. The term “attachment” can be defined as the bond, a child forms with its primary caregiver. When they are separate from their caretakers, such children show distress, and anxiety. In general, attachment is a kind of emotional bond to another person whom considers being ones soul mate. John bolwy was the first person who introduces attachment theory. According to him “Attachment has a lasting psychological connectedness between human beings”. The earliest bonds formed by children with their caregivers, have a tremendous impact that continues all throughout their life” (Cherry 2012). Children are more likely to develop attachment if they are with care givers, who are sensitive and responsive to their needs and interactions, and who are consistent, reliable and non hostile in their responses. Such experiences can create strong relationships, which inurn influences the degree to which they perceive themselves as lovable and others as cooperative, none threatening and dependable. If the care givers are inconsistent, non reliable, hostile in their responses, inattentive a type of insecure attachment can be developed. This is common cases in which parents fail to care their children. Children adapt his behavior from the environment in which they are placed. “The quantity of infant attachment seems to be in the most part, dependent upon the sensitiveness of the mother” (Morton & Browne 1998). Attachment behavior functions like an action pattern at the very beginning and continues to share the same function. Normally, infants exhibit behaviors such as smiling and crying which are innate behaviors and that stimulate care giving activity from adults. The important factor of care giving is not food, but responsiveness and care. That is, the attachment relationship is rooted from infancy and these attachment relationship, function as a prototype for future social relationships. It is mandatory to give sufficient attention to attachment, as its disruption can cause havoc in the growth of the child. Neglect can make adverse effects throughout the lifespan. If the child comes from an insecure attachme ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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