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Philosophy of Emotions:Comprehension Exercise - Essay Example

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Philosophy of Emotions: Comprehensive Exercise The renowned philosophers of the modern age like Jean Paul Sartre, Martin Heidegger and Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, the proponents of existentialism and the related theories have put forward their theories with ‘emotions’ which redefine the common notion and concept…
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Philosophy of Emotions:Comprehension Exercise
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Download file to see previous pages How the philosophy of emotions is skilfully dealt with the theories is given more emphasis in the essay. The phenomenology of Emotion: J-P Sartre: The phenomenology of emotions has been put differently by different writers and among the writers Sartre stands high and unique.Jean Paul Sartre has been proclaimed as the foremost philosopher and thinker of modern French and who in his seminal work, entitled Being and Nothing has analyzed how emotion is linked with the consciousness of human mind. According to him two realities lie beyond the conscious experience of the persons- “the being of the object of consciousness and that of consciousness itself” (Onof, 2010). The dual activity of consciousness works as a major role in taking out the emotional phase a conscious is attempting . The emotions surging from objects are taking a magical shape and form a firm hold in the consciousness of human mind. This magical shape has a big role in comprehending the things and mind acts upon the comprehension. Thus emotion and the projection of it in mind is very important and both make links to each other. J.P.Satre has analyzed the implication of emotions in his renowned book titled The Phenomenology of Emotions. ...
According to Sartre consciousness must necessarily always be aware of itself (Sartre, 2001, p. ix). The theory of consciousness according to Sartre is connected with the psychoanalytic theory of unconsciousness. Through finding this he has reached his theory of emotions well. Consciousness in Sartrian point of view is “a product of phenomenology” (Sartre, 2001, p.x). Sartre states that emotions like all other mental acts are directed towards an object (Sartre, 2001, p.xiii). And emotion is the conjunction of both subject and object, a synthesis of the two. Emotion is rather cognitive and it is the thing by which the persons apprehend things in their forms to the cognitive level. A kind of magical implication of image comes with the objects which in any way can be linked with the cognitive aspects of a person not in a rational way. The rational aspects underlined with the object may not work our as it in the cognitive level as so what is absorbed may be different from the reality. Sartre clubbed the theory of emotion with his doctrine of existentialism which takes the central idea that “men are nothing except what they choose to become, their essence consists in what they choose to do.” And it says, “Emotion arises when they choose to see the world in a particular way, namely the magical” (Sartre, 2001, p.xv). Emotions are given a global outlook by the renowned French thinker Jean Paul Sartre. He considered emotions as a method to cope up with the difficult situations that come in one man’s life. Persons use the emotions not in a concrete shape but what is suited to the cognitive level of them. These are fluctuating from situation to situation and person to person and a great task of soothing the situation. According to him consciousness does ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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