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Solution Focused Therapy Introduction There are many approaches to psychological therapy. However, the solution-focused therapy has been highlighted as one of the most efficient and effective. This is because it primarily focuses on the possible solutions to the problems (Burwell & Chen, 2006)…
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Application of Solution Focused Therapy on Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages In this discussion, the solution-based therapy was used to help solve the problems of a woman who had difficulties with handling her three young children. The most outstanding feature of solution-focused theory (SFT) is its focus on solutions and not the problems (Psychpage, 2011). The primary objective is to assist the client to discover the root of their problems by themselves and then assisting them generates possible and viable solutions that are best suited to address the problem at hand (Pichot & Dolan, 2003; Macdonald, 2007). The theory does not aim at suggesting or imposing solutions to the client but rather seeks to evoke and construct solutions to problems. Simply, the therapy seeks to help the client get in touch with the root cause of the problem, appreciate the efforts already initiated, exemplify the already generated solutions, and finally use the solutions to solve the problems. The client was a mother of three young children. She claims that the children have become stubborn, troublesome disobedient, and do not listen to her. Although the children might have been obedient and well behaved previously, they are currently a cause of stress to the mother. She has tried beating them but it has not worked. I will divide the therapy into three distinct sessions or interviews. In the first interview, I will form a collaborative relationship with her, build favorable conditions for change, assist her to realize her goals, enabled her realize her potential resources. The other two interviews mainly focused on viable solutions. First Interview The first step in the first interview will be to establish a collaborative relationship with her. I will begin by appreciating that she had experienced the problem for quite some time and tried some solutions in the process. By being empathetic, understanding, and a good listener, I will purposely create a close personal relationship with her. This will make her feel free and open to share her predicaments with a person who is willing to help solve the problems rather than force solutions. I will particularly use this session to capture the premeditated possible solutions that she has in mind. It is after creating a collaborative environment that I will move forward to gather as much as information as possible about the issue. This may be achieved by taking the client through a historic journey on her relationship with the children. This is because she may generate possible solutions unless there is a deep realization and visualization of the problem. I would then create a climate for change by making the client differentiate between the relational problem with her children and possible solutions. Appreciating previous efforts would be necessary since better solutions will be based on them. The primary objective would be to assist her discover the best solution among the many that she has at her disposal. This will help her create viable and workable hypothesis. She may admit that she had changed her attitude and motherly care towards them and that could be the most probable cause of their behavioral attitude. Once she has discovered what was largely to blame for the children’s behavioral attitude, she would find it easy to posit possible solutions. I will take this chance to collaborate with her on her goals. In this stage, I will make her realize how simple and achievable her goals are and she will certainly be motivated to try them. This would be the best opportunity to use the miracle ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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