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Children Defense Fund & Sojourners on Social Justice - Research Paper Example

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Children Defense Fund and Sojourners on Social Justice Name Institution Children Defense Fund and Sojourners on Social Justice The Children Defense Fund (CDF) deals with the welfare of children. The mission of the organization is `Leave No Child Behind’…
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Children Defense Fund & Sojourners on Social Justice
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Download file to see previous pages Other programs ensure that all children have access to quality health care and the right attitude towards different aspects of life. The poor children and those from marginalized areas receive the first priority in the CDF programs. Marian Wright Edelman founded the CDF in 1973. Working with Martin Luther King in his projects, `poor people’s campaign’, contributed to her conviction to start this organization. It had come to her realization that children and women from poor families did not enjoy civil liberties ( On the other hand, the Sojourners are Christian volunteers who are involved in national evangelism. The organization supports itself and members travel to different regions on invitation to strengthen smaller churches by preaching. The sojourners also respond to social issues in society. The members are motivated to give back to the society and to God as God freely gives to them. The founders of the sojourners are Paul and Peggie Scott. Paul, formerly a navy man had travelled widely, and witnessed how small churches struggled to increase in number and organize them efficiently. He made it his dream to help such churches to become self-supporting and encourage them to be strong. From their experience with small churches, they realized that they needed more knowledge to be able to handle the churches effectively. This motivated them to further their studies in theology. Later, another couple; Richard and Georgie Jones joined their dream. Paul and his wife worked in different regions and in San Diego, they met another couple that showed interest. The other couple was Marvin and Linda, who opted to advance their studies in preaching. The two couples hosted a joint workshop in Weslaco TX. In January 1979, they chose the identity National Evangelism with Sojourners. This organization seeks to do everything with the sole purpose of giving glory to God ( The Children Defense Fund has programs that address social economic injustice in society. Based on statistics in America, more than sixteen million children live in poverty. It is saddening because the greatest number of the poor children is black and Latinos and this creates a social imbalance (Mosher-William and De Vita, 2001). The CDF seeks to alleviate poverty in several ways. The organization invests in high quality education for all children. The organization emphasizes on creativity and creation of new job opportunities for parents. The organization offers training that enables individuals to become economically independent. CDF also encourages accountability of parents to ensure that the number of children neglected in society decreases. It also works to reduce criminalization of children. It does this by application of prevention strategies and ensuring that all children undergo healthy development. CDF encourages responsibility of each individual in society to ensure that children stay out of trouble, remain in school, get quality education, and belong to permanent families. Women are empowered to become self-sufficient. On the other hand, the Sojourners organize campaigns that call for social justice in society. In their campaigns, they urge Christians to be part of the voice that calls for governments to address global poverty (Wallis, 2010). They also campaign for provision of education to all children. They rise against racial discrimination and disparities. Their campaigns also address issues affecting women and children in society. They ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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