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Nine Things You Must Simply Do to Succeed in Love and Life - Book Report/Review Example

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Name Instructor Task Date Nine Things You Must Simply Do to Succeed in Love and Life: A Psychologist Probes the Mystery of Why Some Lives Really Work and Others do not Summary Nine Things You Must Simply Do To Succeed In Love And Life: A Psychologist Probes The Mystery Of Why Some Lives Really Work And Others Don’t is written by Doctor Henry Cloud and talks about how a person can become successful in life…
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Nine Things You Must Simply Do to Succeed in Love and Life
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Extract of sample "Nine Things You Must Simply Do to Succeed in Love and Life"

Download file to see previous pages When Cloud’s book is critically analyzed, it relates to true-life experience of human life. Cloud begins by narrating how people have wished to become prominent and successful in the world. They have failed to get the right information and guidelines of how to make it. He lists nine steps to be followed for one to be successful in what is interesting. The first step he describes is ‘dig it up’, which he states that real life comes deep within a persons cautious mind rather than the outside perspective of things.1 One should dig it up and find what he is good at and interested. Practice the interest or ability that you find is good. The second step is ‘Pull the tooth’ which he advises his readers to get rid of the negative factors. Examples of the negative factors are money, leisure activities and hobbies. For a person to succeed he should pull the tooth out since they are the core reason for failure in life. Cloud describes the third step as ‘Play the Movie’ that includes a person looking what he can do to achieve the goal. They should be written down either in a paper or in the heart; and finally play the movie. The fourth step is known, as ‘Do something’, that requires a person to take responsibility, and the necessary steps to ensure that the goal is achieved. Cloud persuades his readers to take everything seriously, even the negligible things that seem unworthy. He further emphasizes advantages of taking full control over of one’s life. The question one can use to remind him what it is all about is ‘What can I do to make it’. The fifth step to be followed and noted is called, as ‘Act like an Ant’; the main point to be driven home is having perseverance.2 He tells his readers that they should follow an example from ants that walk many steps at exceptionally slow speed. Eventually, they manage to reach their intended destination. The sixth step is ‘Hate well’ which requires individuals to hate what they prefer doing. They should hate in a good way to avoid doing unnecessary things that might affect their concentration to succeed. ‘Do not play fair’ is the seventh step that Cloud advises his people to follow for a successful life. The principle suggests that a person should give more that what he gets. A person should enact more effort in what he/ she is doing and expect few rewards. The eighth step is ‘be humble’, which he advises his readers to be humble when they fail in the mission but should keep on with the spirit. The last step a person should keep in mind is ‘Upset the right people’ Cloud tells his readers to that they cannot please all the people all the time, but should upset the right individual. Reflection My academic life was miserable since I joined school. I had low self-esteem and this really affected my performance in class. I remember my friends making fun of my inability to perform well. “It is better you find something else to do rather than wasting all your childhood time in school doing nothing substantial” a classmate commented during one of the practical lesson. The comment was humiliating and embarrassing, and I remember crying because of the self-pity I felt for myself. The next day I told my mother that I would not be attending class lesson for the next two days to because I believed to all of discouraging comments that referred to me. My ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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