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Why parents should not argue in front of kids - Research Paper Example

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Family is usually composed of parent(s) and children. In a family, love, happiness, unity is always expected in order to have strong cohesion. In families, parents play a significant role in ensuring their children grow into responsible citizens. …
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Why parents should not argue in front of kids
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Download file to see previous pages Young children usually regard their parents as role models and try to imitate all they do and put them into their daily activities. Most of the time, whatever children learn from their families, sometimes they carry them through their lives. Hence family unity is a very essential component in a child’s growth (Rimm, 2008). For any child to develop into a morally person, one is expected to have learnt good morals from his or her parents (Oliver, 2011). Therefore, arguing in front of children by parents is not a good thing because of a number of reasons which will be mentioned in the essay below. Children regard their parents as their mentors and try to copy whatever things they see them doing. A tender mind of a child once exposed to the sight of parents quarrelling may start imitating what their parents do to other children. Such children tend to develop quarreling attitudes when confronted with tricky situations and on worst case scenario, involve themselves in fights. According to some research conducted on children who were once exposed to seeing their parent’s quarrelling, the research found out that the most of the children developed quarrelling tendencies later in their lives as men or women (Rimm, 2008). Children exposed to the scene of their parents quarrelling sometime become traumatized psychologically. ...
Parents should also not argue in front of their children since they might cause emotional instability. Sometimes, children become emotionally disturbed when they see their parents quarrelling and become withdrawn. Children are usually free with their parents and believe their parents are their judges in whatever happens to them, but on seeing they quarrel, send fear into their minds (Rimm, 2008). A child, who was once free with his or her parents before a quarrel, may start withdrawing or keeping to himself or herself after the quarrel since he or she distrusts them. Trust in any family is important for its survival. A child learns to be distrustful after such events since the person he or she used to trust, engages in quarrelling. When children become threatened emotionally, they exhibit increased negativity in life. Some of them develop symptoms of anxiety, depression, hostility, aggression among others. Such children also become difficult and aggressive to deal with in life (Oliver, 2011). In terms of morality, children are most affected in times like that where their parents quarrel. In a quarrelling situation, dirty language is often exchanged between the parents. Since children are naturally learners, sometimes they pick up a few of the bad language used by their parents and experiment them elsewhere with their children. A study conducted on a primary school on bad language use, discovered that children who used dirty language were victims of seeing their parent’s quarrelling (Rimm, 2008). The long time effect of such habits is that they might grow and be a part of the child even in adulthood. In any given society, people who are immoral are always treated ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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