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'Exploring the effect of television on young children's lives: perspectives of parents in London Borough of Tower Hamlets' - Literature review Example

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Effects of television on young children Name Institution ‘Exploring the effect of television on young children’s lives: perspectives of parents in London Borough of Tower Hamlets’ Introduction In the last few years, the influence of television on the development of children has been characterized by rising attention as a result of the large amount of time spend by children on watching television…
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Exploring the effect of television on young childrens lives: perspectives of parents in London Borough of Tower Hamlets
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"'Exploring the effect of television on young children's lives: perspectives of parents in London Borough of Tower Hamlets'"

Download file to see previous pages Such children learn about values, morals, societal customs, and expectations as well as getting information regarding people from other ethnic communities and racial groups. Whereas adults and older children are more skeptical about the media content, the minors most probably perceive media content as a reality glimpse, and they are therefore more probable to be influenced by it. What parents must know Most television programs target children, a good percentage of them appearing to be educational oriented; teaching life sills and ABCs. However, parents should take much of their time to analyze such programs to get a clear understanding of whether the programs are really educational or if they have other related businesses. Parents also ought to know the right age to introduce their children to television. Since so much data has been collected concerning the negative and positive impacts of this issue on children, the first step for parents to take is to get to know of the facts, despite the impact that this knowledge will have on the daily routine of television watching in most families. Effects of television on children learning From the perspectives of parents in the London of Borough of Tower Hamlets, exposing children to television during the year of pre-school predicts academic outcomes at the age of adolescence. A significant note about this research is that it is the kind of television programs that actually matters. For instance, teens whose parents allowed them to watch more educative shows in their tender ages are more likely to place greater value on achievement, get higher grades, read more books, and demonstrate more creativity in the daily practices such as in composition writing. Contrary to this, teens who watched purely “entertainment” or violent programs in their tender ages tend to perform poorly in schools and get lower grades generally. In this sense therefore, parenting is a central factor in determining television watching and academic outcomes on the basis that parents who encourage their children to view educational programs have a higher likelihood of valuing education and supporting early learning in various ways. Research shows that children under two years cannot learn much more systematically from human interactions as they do from watching television. While kids may pay attention to video pictures, most television fails to give the responsive and interactive content that they need most. Even though television seems to capture infants and toddlers’ attention, little evidence shows that it facilitates meaningful learning. In most cases, television watching at a very young age is linked to lower levels of developing language. Just like other learning issues, most parents who control the viewing patterns of their children at early stages, most probably behave in ways that enhance children’s learning. In households where TV viewing makes up most of their leisure time have children who study less and have poor studying techniques. The effects of television on vocabulary, speech, and language According to a study carried out by Chonchaiya and Pruksananonda, to determine the relationship between language delays and television viewing on children less than two years, infants who began watching TV at age two or below were approximately six times more ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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