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How does Michael Olesker's book contribute to your understanding of ethnic and racial diversity in the Baltimore area - Term Paper Example

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Your name Instructor Course Date Racial and ethnic diversity in Baltimore County Introduction Looking around the world, we find a sense that we are at a crucial moment for a diverse society. Separation and exclusion is seen all around us; suspicion, fear, and ignorance parting away communities…
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How does Michael Oleskers book contribute to your understanding of ethnic and racial diversity in the Baltimore area
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Extract of sample "How does Michael Olesker's book contribute to your understanding of ethnic and racial diversity in the Baltimore area"

Download file to see previous pages Wherever such narrow-minded populist thinking is realized, we are heartened by actions of strength and courage of freethinking personalities; people who do not fear speaking up for multiculturalism, solidarity, and equality; those individuals who go against status quo to struggle for what they believe in. Stereotypes and prejudices live in all of us but we must look for the most effective ways of doing away with racism and encourage ethnic diversity. Oleskers book gives a clear background on racial and ethnic issues in Baltimore County in United States that is populated by different races of people who come from diverse ethnic groups. It is significant to consider sociological factors of race and ethnicity within Baltimore County and how Olesker presented them. Using critical race theory, white privilege is one way of understanding racial inequalities that focuses as much on the merits that white people get from society as on the demerits that people of color experience. This theory has been used to understand Baltimore societal condition, because inequality between non-whites and whit e people is a long-standing feature in academic areas. According to this theory, white advantage or privilege differs from states of overt prejudice or racism in which the whites who are the dominant group actively seek to suppress and oppress other racial groups such as the Hispanic Americans, African Americans, and Mexico Americans who live in Baltimore city for their own advantage. Encouraging and supporting diversity is consistent with Oleskers long held values. Olesker called for a neutral environment where attorneys and other people have the opportunity to excel and prosper in their activities. Population census in Baltimore County has gathered information on the ethnic and racial makeup of the population of those living in that county. Responding to changes in patterns of immigration to evolving cultural or social views on ethnicity and race, Olesker asserts that the number of specific races and ethnic groups has greatly increased over time. Michael Olesker’s book argues that the issue of racial and ethnic identity has been prevalent in Baltimore County because the idea of whiteness has been historically treated as a valuable property than a racial trait. As an object of much value that must be guarded by legal and social institutions. Within educational context, reluctant to the acceptance of the idea that white privilege exists. By the time, Olesker was writing his book, there were many things happening in Baltimore County in that people were being mistreated in society by the dominant white race. Abolish capitalism According to the understanding of Olesker’s book, racism should be shunned in society and instead encourages ethnic diversity in order to respect other races and view them as equal human beings. The foremost step to combat racism is to launch an attack to the institutions that makes racism legitimate: economic and political powers, which consider racism as a respectable but not a shameful idea. We must demonstrate that racism is cowardly, oppressive, and contemptible. Individuals should embarrass racists, and show anti-racists that their instincts are correct. The best weapon against racism is our own common sense in addition to unity against exploitation and racist violence (Naylor 34-41). Racism is driven by greed and controlled by power and ignorance. Capitalism must be eradicated in favor of self-management in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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