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Gender Role Portrayal - Research Paper Example

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Name Instructor Course Date Gender Role Portrayal Introduction In gender terms women, are the most dominant feature one will see in the commercials being done on the televisions. Beauty seems to be associated with the number of people who will see the product and at the end be able to purchase it…
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Gender Role Portrayal
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Gender Role Portrayal

Download file to see previous pages... For instance, there were advertisement son the television channel related to products to be sold to the physicists whereby in most of, the advertisements it was the men who were being portrayed in the advertisements with no women (Cohhen-Kettenis 19). Men were dominating the advertisements while women were only portrayed as sellers of the products but specifically to men. As for those working as physicists, it was the men who were undertaking those responsibilities and they worked in isolation an indication that this was a demanding career that didn’t require disturbances. The skillful roles were given to men an indication that masculinity was the main domineering factor that made men be considered as being strong in society. With reference to women they were depicted as support staff to the offices in which the physicists were found. Men were seen as the only individuals who qualified scientists as women sat back to watch and see what was being undertaken by men. In the case whereby they were not participating as support staff to the scientists, they were expected to be objective in terms of their appearances an indication that they were emphasizing on their looks only. Therefore in the case were we want women to be presented in terms of the physical sciences then it would be with reference to their beauty and support nature. ...
The advertisements serve as a basis for distinguishing the different roles that are given to different individuals with the society with reference to the sexual orientation in the society. The way women are portrayed in the advertisements is regarded as inappropriate in the sense that it brings with it stereotypes as some go ahead to view women as being lose and immoral. Models and Roles Played The models are poor in presentation and this in turn brings with it an issue in terms of understanding the individual differences that exist in the society (Messner 9). However, this may not be the case for the advertisers as they argue that they are presenting what is already in the society. The societal morals and mode of socialization may not easily agree to this as they expect all undertakings done in the society to be done with reference to the norms of the society. In the society, the attitudes that are as a result of the norms are different with reference to the culture from which one is oriented to. It is therefore vital that there be a proportional presentation in terms of the genders in the advertisements that are being made. Over presentation of one gender may leave questions to those watching the advertisements. It cannot be ignored that the cultures are also different in the countries and advertisements that are regarded as normal in one country may be viewed as immoral and unacceptable in another country. Relationship of Products to Models In other advertisements, women were depicted as having the nurturing traits of being home makers and those involved in child care. This clearly in n indication that the virtue of patriarchy is still ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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