Differences between Realism Liberalism and World System View of International Relations - Essay Example

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Discuss the most important differences between realism, liberalism and world system view of international relations with respect to actor’s motive force and values. 1. Introduction The explanation of critical decisions in the context of international community is usually based on certain principles and ethics, which are likely to be differentiated in countries worldwide…
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Differences between Realism Liberalism and World System View of International Relations
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Download file to see previous pages The characteristics of realism, liberalism and the world system view of international relations (IR) are reviewed in this paper especially in regard to actor’s motive force and values. At the same time, the historical development of these frameworks is presented and evaluated, at the level that it can explain their current form and role in IR. It is made clear that all three frameworks are critical for the evaluation of IR but it seems that not all of them are equally powerful in influencing key decisions related to IR. Realism and world system view of IR are based on rules, which are more aligned with the needs and the challenges of IR; on the other hand, liberalism is less involved in critical IR decisions since their core principles, which is the natural law which promotes morality, cannot support or tolerate the violation of human rights or other important values, in opposition with realism and world system view which leave space for such phenomena. 2. ...
Emphasis should be given on History of Peloponnesian War as a text highlighting the key aspects of IR. In accordance with the above text, ‘moral principles are irrelevant to international affairs’ (Korab-Karpowicz 2010, p.1). Through the centuries, realism has been developed using different criteria. The most critical example is the involvement of ‘Machiavellan arguments’ (Ioana 2009, p.44) for explaining the role of realism in IR. Three are the key points of the above arguments: a) ‘history is created through causes and effects’ (Ioana 2009, p.44), b) theory is resulted from practice and c) politics are not relevant to ethics (Ioana 2009). The three different concepts, ‘history, reality and policy’ (Smith 1999, p.37), as developed by Machiavelli constitute the basis of realism in its current form. Towards the same direction, Niebuhr noted that realism could be explained for interpreting IR but it should be developed incorporating concepts such as ‘social ethics and social processes’ (Smith 1999, p.40). In accordance with Sutch and Elias (2007) the most appropriate explanation of liberalism would be the following one: ‘liberalism relies on claims about the impact of interdependence, the benefits of free trade, collective security and the existence of a real harmony of interests between states’ (Sutch and Elias 2007, p.65). In other words, the issues that liberalism highlights are related to the needs and the economic/ political interests of modern states. From this point of view, liberalism is likely to be changed periodically, following the change in political, economic and social trends worldwide. The basis of liberalism can be identified in the natural law theory, which was developed by John Locke (Sutch and Elias 2007, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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