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How many...families analyse the transformations of the family in the contemporary world by referring to its old and new types a - Essay Example

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Here Here Here Date Here Transformations of the Family The role of the family is universally important in the development of human societies. Throughout history, familial relations have been largely responsible for many significant occurrences, including the ascension of royalty and the waging of wars…
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How many...families analyse the transformations of the family in the contemporary world by referring to its old and new types a
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Extract of sample "How many...families analyse the transformations of the family in the contemporary world by referring to its old and new types a"

Download file to see previous pages Traditional Families Many concepts of family find their roots in creation theories. In the Judeo-Christian dominated west, the story of Adam and Eve is likely to be a contributor to the concept of the nuclear family. A nuclear family consists of a mother and father (typically married) as well as their children. The entire family would live in the same place of residence as a single social element. The nuclear family was recognized as a strong economic unit during the rise of the Industrial Revolution and it came to gain popularity during that period, though it did not reach its apex of commonality until the mid 20th century. Away from home employment duties in this family may be performed solely by one of the parents, or equally by both. Extended families may predate the nuclear arrangement, and consist of many members of the same family (other than the parents and children) living in the same residence. The combination of family members may include aunts, uncles, grandparents, cousins, or even several entire generations cohabitating (this is also known as a joint family). The extended family is common in Middle Eastern, African, Latin American, Asian, and many other cultures (Sarkisian, Gerena, and Gerstel, 40). This arrangement is thought to provide a greater sense of security and inclusion for members, but it has also been noted that extended family members still provide an important support system for those in a nuclear family, even though they do not live in the same household. New Family Types As employment and economic conditions continue to change, the traditional forms of family (nuclear and traditional) appear to be giving way to new archetypes. Among the most popular contemporary family arrangements are the single-parent household, and childfree couples. These structures offer alternative living conditions that may not have been possible in the past due to socioeconomic factors. Single-parent families may include any amount of children, and can be a result of death, divorce, or more commonly, the choice to remain unmarried. Women usually head these families, and they have become the fastest growing family type in North America (Hornberger, L, R. Zabriskie, and P. Freeman, in press). Single-parent family situations may result in economic hardship, though it is still possible that both parents will contribute to a child’s wellbeing. Even in death a parent may provide for their child with insurance and other benefits. A less common, but still rising type of family is the voluntarily childless couple. In both the United States and Japan, there has been a noticeable increase in the amount of childless families in recent decades. These observations may be due to the increasingly aged population, but there have also been many couples who decide that children are not what they want. The childless family provides more financial leeway and less responsibility. Childless parents may have more free time as well, and will likely have a variety of alternative interests in comparison to parents. Childlessness may not be a choice, however, and some childless families may be the result of an inability to conceive. Theories There are several theories that can be used to evaluate the apparent change in family structure that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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