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Contemporary Education Issues - Literature review Example

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Contemporary Education Issues Grade course 23 November, 2011 Contents Contents 2 Introduction 3 Methodology 3 Overview 4 Results 6 Analysis 6 Recommendations 7 Conclusion 8 References 10 Introduction In the modern education system, there exist a myriad of issues affecting the system…
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Contemporary Education Issues
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Download file to see previous pages It can be defined as allowing parents the choice of care for their children from a provider whom the parents want. It further allows parents to choose a program out of the numerous programs offered by the institutions. In recent times, this issue has become a debate even in the national assembly. The issue has been scrutinized and become a paramount concern for the care providers in the education system. The concern about this issue for institution mainly lies in the results of the pupils. Parents are also concerned about the subjects their children may study if no parental choice is allowed. The schools on the other hand feel that results may be affected if a parent chooses a program not desired by the child. This report takes a deep analysis of the effects of parental choice in both theory and practice. The existing discrepancies form the main point of focus of this research. Methodology This research seeks to find the differences displayed in the theory and practice of parental choice. The parental choice program in schools has been emphasized by the government. This emphasis does not give a limit of the extent to which parental choice needs to be allowed a factor that leads to different schools implementing the program with limitations(Turnbull, Ron 2002). The schools come up with a modified way of integrating parental choice since they have other issues concerning the program. The research takes a look at the proposals by different organizations involved in the education sector. The report analyses how the program should be implemented, and the expected results of the program. This forms the theoretical aspect of the program. This report then takes a look at available information on the various ways through which the program has been adopted in schools (Snyder, L. & Mitchell, T. 2006). It seeks to establish the extent to which desired results have been achieved through parental choice program. This report uses the example of the education reform act of 1988 as a point of reference into the application of parental choice. The government report on support and aspiration of 2010 has been used for the purpose of reviewing the issues of parental choice. Overview This research focuses on the educational needs of children with conditions that require distinctive attention. It seeks to improve the welfare of these children as well as children who lag behind in their studies. The report focuses on the plight of both physically and mentally challenged persons (O'Brien, Ruth. 2001). It is based on the view that, children with special needs can be ideal for research on the level to which parental choice should be allowed even in children with disabilities or special educational requirements. Parental choice has been highly recommended by many people in regards to children with disabilities. This can be attributed to the notion that physically challenged people are not well informed. This review seeks to establish how the proposed programs of the government report are going to be actualized. It aims to compare the application of these proposed programs in the actual establishments offering special education. Parental choice may seem to be of substantial assistance to children with special needs than it is. A lot of emphasis has been made, and this has led to the development of the stereotype. The report aims at establishing whether the proposed parental choice and support to children with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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