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Abu Ghraib and the Mylai Massacre - Essay Example

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Abu Ghraib Prison (formerly Baghdad Central Prison) was built in the 1950’s in Iraq. This prison came into public attention when pictures of sexual and physical abuse by the US army on Iraqi prisoners were aired on TV…
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Abu Ghraib and the Mylai Massacre
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Extract of sample "Abu Ghraib and the Mylai Massacre"

Download file to see previous pages These actions are unjustifiable and so, conventions were formed so that the countries could abide by its laws and regulations. Hague convention is one of the first ones to be made; however, it was broken during the First world-war. The Geneva Convention is still in place but hardly followed by governments or military. The third and fourth Geneva Convention clearly state how Prisoners of war and civilians should be treated and handled by the military personnel but most of the times, the rules are broken and violated. Abu Ghraib: Abu Ghraib Prison (formerly Baghdad Central Prison) was built in the 1950’s in Iraq. This prison came into public attention when pictures of sexual and physical abuse by the US army on Iraqi prisoners were aired on TV. There were rumours all over Iraq about such incidents that took place inside the prison but no one believed them until the pictures came into light. After the invasion of Iraq by the United States in 2003, the army took over the prison and used it to imprison Iraqi captives. In 2004, pictures of Iraqi prisoners in terrible conditions were aired on a TV channel and soon caught everyone’s attention. Those pictures showed how prisoners of war at the Prison were being sexually harassed, physically tortured and psychologically abused by the United States army. ...
All of these actions were clearly violating the laws of the Geneva Convention according to which, prisoners of war must be treated humanely with respect. They are to be supplied with proper food, clothing and must be given medical care. The guards who worked at Abu Ghraib prison were only trained in combat and battle. They were actual soldiers who had no prior experience of Prison duty. Not just that, they were also instructed by their superiors that the protections of the Geneva Convention did not apply to the detainees at Abu Ghraib. The guards were ordered to soften the detainees up for the interrogation that followed and so they did what was asked of them even though it was ethically and morally wrong. Around 13 soldiers were removed for duty and were charged with maltreatment, dishonour and assault. The chief commanding officer of All Iraq Detention facilities was rebuked severely by the government of United States; however, she claimed that the abuse was part of the interrogation that was ordered by her superiors and she had no say in that whatsoever. In times like these, individual responsibility should arise but not in this case. As mentioned by Taylor in his book, “As a rule, criminal behaviour does involve individual moral responsibility and assessment of psychological relationships, such as the motivated character of the criminal act.” (Taylor, P. 135) As Freud suggested, a man’s instinct is driven by two forces- erotic and destruction. In this case, it was destruction. The social conditions that were present around the army in Iraq might have triggered this behaviour of intense aggression towards the detainees. The soldiers were in the middle of the war and hence in constant danger. Their peers and comrades were dying ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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