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Theory, Methodology, and Human Development - Essay Example

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Theory, Methodology and Human Development Name Institution Theory, Methodology, and Human Development How can family size influence the process of socialization? As they say, ‘Charity begins at home’, and, therefore, a family is the first society that a person meets…
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Theory, Methodology, and Human Development
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Download file to see previous pages These children see the world through their parents’ eyes and most people go through their lives with the beliefs they acquired as children with few or no modifications. The environment in which individuals grow up in or find themselves determines most of their financial, social and other perceptions. For instance, though a parent may not have a certain characteristic, the child may be treated in such a way that promotes the development of a previously non-existent or the manifestation of an underlying strength or weakness. Therefore, important as family background is, parents should be educated on how best to give a developing child an environment for optimal development of a growing individual. In addition to learning desirable character traits from parents, elder siblings enable the younger ones to inculcate these useful life traits. Interaction with other people is quite an important component of the daily life. This is necessitated by the fact that no person can live without involving others in their endeavors. In this regard, it is quite important that one lives in an environment that gives the chance to survive and bloom in the social world. Since family is the first community that one has, it means that the social environment developed at home is quite likely to influence how an individual reacts in the presence of other people. One factor that can affect one’s social life is family size. ...
On the contrary, if larger family settings do promote one’s ability to socialize, then the recommended family size would be readjusted and smaller family units merged to form larger ones in accordance to increasing advantage of this merger. Research Considerations What should be used as an indicator of the level of success in socialization? This question acts as a guide to the researcher to ensure that the answers obtained from the study would not be abstract but quantifiable to enable analysis using scientific methods like statistical analysis and scientific representation by use of graphs. It is important to have quantitative data because if recommendations are to be implemented, it has to be in a way that their effects can be measured and modified or terminated if ineffective. In this case, the number of close friends one has or the number of people dated until one gets married could be an indicator of the level of socialization success. Therefore, study objectives and hypotheses must be formulated such that when data is obtained, a relationship can be derived between the perceived level of success and the family background in which one grew. A researcher should have in mind that data collected may be complex and variations may result from many unforeseen underlying factors that must be put into consideration before, during, and after the study so that after data analysis, all assumptions must be put into account and stated in the final report (Lerner, 2002). What method of data collection is most appropriate in analyzing people’s social life? Questionnaires are the most effective methods of collecting social data if the respondents-to-be co-operate and answer the researchers’ questions in good faith. However, this is not the case as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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