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Gender and the Media - Research Paper Example

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Gender and Media 1 Gender and Media IN APA Style Name Gender and Media 2 Thesis As media becomes a more prevailing force in cultivating the people’s perception of oneself, the struggle of maintaining a unique identity apart from its impact becomes excruciatingly painful and difficult to surpass…
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Gender and the Media
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Download file to see previous pages Air-Headed Women Women are subjected to a lot of stereotypes. Movies and television shows have perpetuated the concept that women are air-heads. Advertisements showcase photographs of women who are slender that gives a connotation that it is equivalent to sexy and non-slender women is equal to not sexy. We haven’t touched on Photoshop yet. Men’s magazines write articles about getting ways of getting women to go to be with them. Not to mention pictures of 6-packed men on the side of the article, portraying those who can get these women. (Dines & Humez, 2011, 72) Does it mean that if you don’t have a 6-pack, you won’t get any? Haven’t we moved on from the past sexists? At the rate we are going, it seems that things are only getting worse. In the movies and television shows, women, normally, are limited to having interest on make-ups, clothing, apparels, shopping and other ‘so called’ things that make a woman. Aren’t women born and not made? The movie Clueless (1995), for instance, which is based on Jane Austen’s novel, Emma, is about a rich, blond girl from Beverly Hills who enjoys archetypal teenage Gender and Media 3 happenings. She spends her time with her friends beautifying themselves to chase after guys. One of the craziest scenes in the movies is when she sends herself some flowers, in her teeny bopper outfit, to impress her crush. This movie became a hit and girls emulated her without realizing that they were buying the outdated stereotype the movie was selling. Although the movie is just loosely based on Austen’s novel in 1815, the plot is way too outdated for a 1995 setting. This stereotype that women are air-heads does not end on movies but also extends television shows, which are more accessible to the paying public. Women are shown working less often than men and are usually depicted as housewives. Men are more often represented as a ‘bread winner’ of the family when in reality; it is not always the case. ( Gill, 2007, 61).  Moreover, men are portrayed as strong, making women as weak and clingy. The creators of these programs, shows and ads seem to clasp on to the old thinking and stereotypes even though they are outdated and politically incorrect. Women as Sex Symbols X-bra’s advertisement shows women wearing push up bras. This fancy ad depicts that women are supposed to use these bras in order to look good for their partners. A line below on the ad even says, “Buy one bra, get drinks free.” This line simple feeds the viewing public that women are mere sexual objects, disregarding the more important things they do in the society and just focusing on the looks they should have. Women are seen on advertisements in their skimpy clothing to sell everything from tool boxes to brandy. Aside from that, the image that are portrayed as ‘women’ are slender, fair complexioned women who are normally in a sexually Gender and Media 4 suggestive pose, if not plain sexy. When was the last time sex didn’t sell, anyway? Speaking of sex, Maxim is a magazine that contains countess images of women in provocative poses. Articles in this magazine discuss different advices in getting a girl and getting laid. Though this magazine is not an x-rated flick, unlike playboy, not to justify the latter, it only is a soft version of it. And to support the previous claim that sex sells, Maxim currently has 2.5 million subscribers. The Alpha Male Image of men has been perpetuated over the years as the one who has the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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