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Harriet Martineau as Sociology Theorist - Assignment Example

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Sociology Name Institution The social conditions of man are constantly changing with the advent of new technology and human development. Social issues affect the activities of humankind in positive or negative manner. It is from this reason that ancient philosophers had interest in the field of sociology…
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Harriet Martineau as Sociology Theorist
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Extract of sample "Harriet Martineau as Sociology Theorist"

Download file to see previous pages Some social issues require immediate response while others require an approach that would lead to long term solution. Societal matters affecting gender has been on the limelight for quite a while. For example, biasness against women in the society is a social problem that the society has to solve. Other social issues would affect the prosperity of humanity depending on their gravity. This paper explores Harriet Martineau theories in solving societal problems. As a renowned philosopher, Harriet Martineau developed different theories and arguments through publication of books. Her theories, many of which concerned the society and woman are still relevant in the present world. The fact that he travelled widely is attributed to the many and relevant theories he brought forth. This is because he had the opportunity to interact and observe the behavior of different cultures. Martineau developed arguments that could help the society to come up with solutions to some of the problems that it has. Largely, men cause the problems in the contemporary society and have the ability to come up with solutions to these problems. The contribution of Martineau in the field of feminism promoted the quest for women justice. Martineau believed that the people could make the society better. Her writing about feminism criticized the conduct of both men and women in the society. She indicated in her writings that, wife beating is a practice that the society could solve if the parties involved took their time to stump out the vice. She pointed out that a woman in the vindictive marriage had the responsibility of taking the matter to court in order to seek legal redress. Harriet believed in human happiness, she argued that social structures should help human beings in achieving human happiness. In this essence, upholding women rights in the society would lead to growth and development in the society. It is important for the society to consider the effects of undermining a specific gender. Economic constraints that many families face today would be elevated if women had equal opportunity to serve in the society. For example, a family that consists of two working partners would be able to meet the economic needs without too much constraint like a family with a single working partner. Poverty is a social problem that affects many families. Creating an opportunity for women to work in the society would help in elevating poverty level. Provision of education in the society is a contemporary problem that the society needs to solve. Some people still feel that women are not able to pursue education to greater heights. Education is a revelation to the society. When women are given a chance to acquire education, they are able to serve the society in the same manner as men. Violence against women is not desirable because it deprive women of their human right. Respect to women rights is a solution to many problems that the society is likely to face when women are deprived of the basic rights. For example, violence against women has led to lose of life, breakage in marriages, and poverty among others. Harriet believed that by appreciating the social differences in the society is an avenue that would bring solution to social problems. Solving problems in the society need a public attention since this would contribute towards the solution of the problem. Arguably, many personal and family ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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