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Training in Fire Safety - Research Paper Example

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To many, specially children, fire fighting and training is viewed as a dramatic act; often always associated with ambulances, fire brigades and/or trucks. Fire fighters are viewed as ‘heroes’ and are often perceived as daring and brave. The task of putting out fire is indeed daunting; it requires more than just riding a fire truck at high speeds making way through the storm of cars on the busy city streets…
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Training in Fire Safety
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Download file to see previous pages However, it is a common mistake to assume that only firefighters bear the responsibility of fire safety; each of us is responsible for our own safety. Thus, each of us can be trained (at least at the basic level) as to how to protect oneself from fatal fire accidents. This does not involve any rocket science; in fact, it comprises of one of the most fundamental trainings one ought to have in life. Training for life fire, thus, encompasses all three levels: the individual level, the societal level and the state level. As is often observed, it is best to be trained at preventing/ averting fire at an individual level simply because the society and government may take time to reach and react; whereas if precautions are taken by the individual he/she is in a better equipped to face any inevitable consequences of fire and/or avert them. It is important to learn how train oneself for life fire; however, it is just as important to understand the fundamental nature of fire before jumping to action. One of the major characteristics of fire identified by various fire associations are that it tends to spread rapidly; thus leaving no time for humans to react to it. It takes less than two minutes for fire to cause deadly consequences and within a short of five minutes it tends to swallow up the entire setting where it breaks (Cote). What is commonly not understood is that the flames themselves are not as dangerous as the mountains of smoke and heat emerging from them. According to medical research, the breathing in of extra hot air can char the lungs (Cote). The toxic fumes produced from fire can be life threatening as they make the individual lethargic and perplexed. It is convenient to classify fire into various types depending on the sources from which it emerges: Fire that erupts from the combustion of flammable liquid materials, fire that erupts from explosive solid materials, fire that erupts from flammable gases, fire that erupts from cooking oils and finally fire that erupts from flammable metals (Cote). Another way of classifying fires is to categorize them on the basis of the degree of reaction that they evoke from the concerned establishments. In this case, fire is classified as one alarm, two alarm or three alarm (Cote). Training for fire can conveniently be divided into three time frames; the training required before the fire breaks (prevention), training during a fire and finally training after the fire breaks. As far as training before the fire is concerned, one of the safest options is to install a fire and/or smoke alarm. According to statistics, the chances of loss of human life are reduced by a half where smoke alarms are installed compared to where they are not. It is important to note that these alarms ought to be placed at various points within the residence including the kitchen, ceiling, staircase, and roof. However, caution must be exercised that the batteries are replaced on a regular basis and that the alarms are well maintained so that they may serve their purpose in case of emergency. Another option is to practice some mock fire drills with family members and to discuss some potential fire exists in case of an emergency. An important case here is that anything preventing the windows from being opened should be easily done ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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