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Compare and Contrast between East and West - Essay Example

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The clash between the east and the west culture continues to be the focal point in the modern society. The eastern culture tends to be more conservative and focuses on family values. In the eastern culture for instance, women are supposed to follow cult of domesticity…
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Compare and Contrast between East and West
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Download file to see previous pages In eastern cultures, most of the food is eaten through hands. However, in western cultures, it is considered inappropriate to eat with hands. Much of the emphasis is placed on table manners. The third key that is prevalent is the fact that in Easter cultures, family values are strong. Many families stay together with each other as the grandparents will continue to live with their sons and grandsons. In the western culture, that is not present. Majority of the families in western culture are broken up. Divorce rates are high in western communities especially in America. Moreover, there is a rise of single-parent households along with homosexual and cohabitation living. Another huge difference between the American and the Middle Eastern culture is the fact that wealth distribution. In Eastern cultures, much emphasis is hallmarked with education. Education is pivotal and the concept of collectivism work is elaborated. However, in American culture, the Jeffersonian concept of individualism oozes out of each citizen. In essence, the corporate America revolves around the work and pride of employees who want to achieve their own American dream. The last element of differentiation between the western and the Eastern culture is the clothing that is worn. In eastern cultures, especially in Saudi Arabia, long garments are worn in order to reflect not only culture but tradition. Since eastern cultures tend to practice their religion more closely, everything in their life reflects their religion. However, in western cultures, fashion is unique, expressive and accommodates the personality of an individual. Clothing worn by individual reflects their personality along with sex appeal. Another major difference between the East and the West lies on the fundamentals of the education system. In eastern cultures, education seems to the focal point of every parent. In Saudi Arabia, kids are forced to attend long sessions of school. Social life is almost unheard of due to the fact that the parents want their kids to excel academically. In America and western cultures, those ideals still hold true. However, a typical American dad loves to see his son or daughter also excel in sports and liberal arts. The key founding philosophy in American educations tends to focus on experience. Children have to be multi-dimensional and should be able to juggle social life, work, school, and other activities. In eastern culture, that clearly lacks. Moreover, in eastern culture, much emphasis is based off memorization. Children are induced to memorize as much as possible as that is the benchmark for the evaluation of their academic assessment. Children are forced to memorize and conduct confusing endless drills in order to enhance their brain power. However, in western cultures, the focus is more based on experimentation, research, and real life experience. This is clearly depicted in American universities where assistance is given to any students who struggle with academics for free. In addition, peer tutoring services are also offered. Schools in Western Cultures are also nationalized which means that the government plays a huge role even though it is a free enterprise. One element of difference that is completely on different spectrums in the cultural clash is the family values. In Saudi culture, the young married women tend to stay in the household of her husband, which can mean that family core values are closely combined. The mother takes care of the house and knows the situation in most cases of her family ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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