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Social Worker's Ethics - Essay Example

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Professionals: Sandy Naqvi is a social worker at a school in her community. Her title is Co-ordinator of School School Services. Her task is to enhance and support the school’s academic mission in order to strengthen the existing relationship between the home, school and communities…
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Social Workers Ethics
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Extract of sample "Social Worker's Ethics"

Download file to see previous pages Her principle task at her work place is to families, students and school personnel she is working with, to have access to all resources and opportunities and tap their potential. These include integration of the community between the home/school and families; promoting diversity; cultural competence; low drop out rate; adherence to specific teaching standards, code of ethics and values. The primary aim of social work profession is to work for the welfare of human beings and help look after the basic needs of the people. National Association of Social Workers is the code of ethics that Sandy’s school complies with. This code defines core values on which the social work’s mission rests. It also summarizes broad ethical principles. These principles reflect on the profession’s core values and also establishes the specific ethical standards that the social organization has to follow. These ethical standards are to be used as a guide. The code design helps social workers identify relevant factors that need to be considered when there are conflicts in professional obligation and ethical uncertainities crop up. The code spells out the following ethical standards: 1. Social worker’s responsibilities towards clients and colleagues. 2. Social worker’s ethical responsibilities in practice settings. 3. Social worker’s ethical responsibilities towards the society For Sandy, codes that spell out ethical responsibilities include the values defined for ethical responsibilities towards colleagues, in practice settings and towards the society at large. Most of the questions will be based on core ethical standards like : 1. Cultural competence and diversity 2. Informed consent 3. Self-determination 4. Privacy and confidentiality 5. Access to records They will be in lieu of the following ethical values that are to be complied with at Sandy’s work place: 1. Integrity 2. Competence 3. Social justice 4. Service Questions and Answers: 1. How does your job adhere to core values like good service? What do they mean to you? Answer: I work above and beyond my self-interest. The interest of the children and the community are at the heart of my job. I capitalize on my knowledge, values and skills to address the problems of the children. We particularly engage with the children at the individual level to see through the way they should be nurtured and taken care off. In a lot of cases, the children and their families are not literate enough and have difficulty comprehending even the basics like language and grammar. I work with the staff in my school to give them a clear cut verbal explanation of tasks expected of them. ( this was asked to see if he adheres to good service standards) 2. What do you do when the teachers and students lack the capacity to give you informed consent? Answer: In this case, we consider it our ethical and moral responsibility to protect their interest and ensure that we seek permission from an appropriate third party. We ensure that the staff and students are in sync and there is a constant level of understanding between them. 3. What do you to accommodate students who cant afford education? Answer: In instances when students find themselves incapable of funding them, we take it as our moral and social responsibility to arrange adequate funding for them. We arrange for third party sponsors an d ensure that students are not deprived in any way. 4. How do you ensure integrity ? Answer: we strictly comply with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Social Worker'S Ethics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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