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Effect Of Women Serving In The Military On Mens Work Ethic - Term Paper Example

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In the modern work environment, men and women can be considered as two different yet important parts of the business arena. The paper "Effect Of Women Serving In The Military On Men’s Work Ethic" highlights the issues that arise as a result of women's active involvement in the military practices…
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Effect Of Women Serving In The Military On Mens Work Ethic
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Download file to see previous pages Some published books were also read in order to understand the complexities of the matter. The understanding of effects of women’s military participation is further established by reviewing the results of various studies which are credible and published. The methodology used for this research paper is based on qualitative measures. The current and former literature on the topic is reviewed and personal research has not been conducted.
The participation of women in every field is usually criticized by one group and encouraged by the other. The participation of women in the leadership area, for instance, was greatly criticized yet the leadership successes of female members proved their capability in the field. The role of women in the military has no different feedbacks. One group argues that women need not be entered in this area so as to promote the morality, values, and concerns for traditions and ethicality in their children. Women, as per this group, are destined to nurture the young ones, manage the house and protect the society from negative elements. On the other hand, people like Laura De Force Gordon, strive for the contrary. Their aim is to open the doors for women in every field and area that they want to work in. They ask for the freedom of women, their choices and their practices. The struggles of this group are quite successful in the western world. The Eastern region is also adopting these practices owing to the successful achievements as observed in the recent years. In the military operations, women may take up the role of a fighter, planner, commander or the administrative personnel. The combat roles, however, are controversial. The opponents believe that female body is weak and biologically incompetent for combat roles to be effectively managed (Sen et al., 2007). The participation of women in military combating roles does not only affect men’s confidence in the team but also results in their poor performance. The history reveals that women have been given promotions at a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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