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The Authors of Reality: Media, Politics and the People - Essay Example

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The paper “The Authors of Reality: Media, Politics and the People” will look at the political leaders of a nation. The American government is not a dictatorship and the country has never had a king or queen, there are some politicians who carry an undue pride…
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The Authors of Reality: Media, Politics and the People
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Extract of sample "The Authors of Reality: Media, Politics and the People"

Download file to see previous pages Even in nondemocratic countries, the masses have the power to revolt (if they are brave). They choose, even if it is an unconscious choice, to obey the rule of the person in charge. Every person has free will. In a truth, people have the power to decide reality for themselves. In a report from Stephen Duncombe, he speaks about a comment made by an unidentified aide. This aide, in a conversation with a writer, boasts that politicians create reality (Duncombe n.d). The aide goes on to say that those who work in media simply report on what politicians do. The comments of the aide were somewhat of an insult to those that work in the media. However, it also shows a disregard for the people that are governed. The issue is rather or not the claim of politicians is true. Their arrogance is easily recognized. It is the opinion of the author of this paper that the falsity of the aide’s claim is easily proven. Politicians do not have as much authorship on reality as they would like. The media has more effect on the lives of the people than they. Ultimately, it is the people who decide what reality really is. Political leaders assert that they have the power to create reality. This claim is only partially true. For while they may make decisions that affect the general population, the influence that the media has on reality cannot be ignored. The general population also has an effect on media. The politicians may be the ones to set regulations but the people have their say. They are the actors. While the government may seek to direct reality, the can not stifle the creative control that the people maintain. Any government agency that believes that reality is at the sole discretion of the government is living in an illusionary world. For only in such a world can this be the case? The people have the power to rise up in protest against the actions of the government. In reality, the government is composed of a few people. Without obedience to their rule, they have no authority. Governmental agents may enjoy boasting about their power but such an egotistical claim cannot be proven. They have deceived themselves because they are honored. Their power has done them no justice. As it has been noted, “Research on internet politics has found that digital media have contributed to a hybridization of the organizational practices of parties, movements and interest groups”(Vacarri 2011; p.981). These groups do not leave the government in total control but press them for what they want reality to be. They have a say in what goes on and they cannot be ignored. Clearly, it cannot be denied that the causes of several interest groups have been heard and their desires for reality have been accomplished through the use of the government. If all groups were ignored there would be an uprising. Those claiming to create reality would soon be removed from their posts. Take, for example, the Revolutionary War. The British government had the desire to rule over the new world and create reality for the resettled people. However, their rule was resisted and their laws were ignored. The reality that they wanted to create did not come to pass. They might have maintained their pride, but they were soon put to shame. America became its own country, a democratic nation whose government had to listen to the people by design.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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