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Name: Instructor: Course: Date: Guideline In sociology, there are three important perspectives used by sociologist when analyzing the behavior of individuals in the society. The conceptualization of behavior in society is subject to interpretation of social perspectives…
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Download file to see previous pages This paper will provide a discussion of the three sociological perspectives. Generally, the discussion will include a comparison/contrast and the applications of the three sociological perspectives. Symbolic Interactionism The first sociological perspective discussed in this paper will be symbolic interactionism. This sociological theory entails evaluating oneself through the conduct of peers. Max Weber was the first person to advance this theory. Symbolic interactionism proposes that individuals in the society maximize the use of symbols to portray their experiences to others. This perspective falls under the micro-level, in that, it analyzes patterns in social interaction that are of small scale. Face to face, interactions are symbols through which individuals communicate with in this type of perspective. There is an assertion that through this perspective, individuals will be bound to append past or present significant events to certain symbols and most importantly, the individual’s actions follow their personal interpretation of those symbols. The definition of relationships is possible through symbolic interaction. An individual’s behavior is subject to how one defines peers and most importantly how defines himself and this is analyzed by symbolic interactionism. ...
Structural Functionalism The second sociological perspective is the functional analysis also known as functionalist perspective. According to this particular theory, sociologists assert that the society is a one large piece that is further held together with other smaller independent pieces that function together. The independence of different aspects in our society contributes to a society’s whole functioning. It falls under the macro level. This perspective was widely associated by the renowned sociologist who goes by the name Emile Durkheim. According to this theory, even if the society functions closely to each other, different groups of people are prone to conduct different activities at a higher rate than the way others would. A good understanding of functional analysis occurs when it is broken-down into two types, which are mechanical and organic solidarity. The first type, which is mechanical solidarity, occurs through individuals working together since they have common goals and values and on the process, a social cohesion is built. The second type, which is organic solidarity, is usually in most cases experienced in industrialized and urbanized societies. This type of social cohesion involves a society in which people are interdependent but at the same time, they engage in a variety of beliefs, values and job occupation. Taking the example of religion, it will exist in a society for the reason that a particular religious institution is essential for the development and survival of the whole society. This particular theory has received criticisms by some theorists that it does not focus on the negative events that occur to individuals in the society. The theory also has not put emphasis on ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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