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This business plan is for an indigenous music support group which will focus on working with native musicians from around the world with the aim of recording, preserving, and transmitting traditional cultural music in digital formats…
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Download file to see previous pages Mission statement 6 5. Objectives 6 6. Background 7 7. Constraints 9 8. The Team 10 9. Services 10 10. Markets 11 11. Costs and Prices 12 12. Finance 14 13. Conclusion 15 14. References 15 1. Introduction This business plan is for an indigenous music support group which will focus on working with native musicians from around the world with the aim of recording, preserving, and transmitting traditional cultural music in digital formats. The aim of this group is to register and establish a NGO that will be able to operate internationally from an office in the United Kingdom and manage a website that will publish information on indigenous music traditions around the world, as well as offering downloads of traditional music recordings via MP3 on the web. The NGO will seek to develop projects in indigenous communities with traditional musicians to directly record, publish, and archive culturally significant songs in native or tribal languages. Some of the main reasons illustrating the need for these types of programs and publications have been given by Richard Herz in his study “Legal Protection for Indigenous Cultures: Sacred Sites and Communal Rights” (1993), where he wrote, “Indigenous cultures throughout the world have faced eradication by discrimination, assimilation, genocide, and most recently, the accelerated pace of economic development.” (Hertz, 1993) ...
Summary Aims To document, record, and publish music works including songs, chants, and instrumentals from indigenous communities around the world. To establish and develop long term educational and social development programs in indigenous communities internationally. To build a website to publish information and MP3 recordings on these native arts traditions. To publish CDs, LPs, MP3s, and books related to indigenous music traditions and “World Music” in the English language to build awareness of these issues. Objectives To assist indigenous peoples around the world to document, record, and transmit their musical heritages through digital technologies. To provide developmental assistance programs in indigenous communities internationally related to local needs such as clean water, electricity, sanitation facilities, education, and technology exchanges. To assist indigenous musicians, groups, and bands to travel internationally to music conventions, concerts, and other meetings for cultural exchange. To document indigenous values, religions, languages, and cultural works on the web, in print publications, and other forms of media to build the context for cultural understanding of the music recordings. Customers & Market Our customers will be music fans based predominantly in the U.K., U.S., and Commonwealth countries with an interest in “World Music”. Our target market includes the pop, rock, jazz, and electronic music communities as well as the formal or classical tradition and its related study. Our donor community will also support the organization and development of programs worldwide through grants, donations, and volunteer service. International CD sales, LP distribution, and MP3 downloads. Location The NGO will be headquartered in London, England in a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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