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Decribe a work of a voluntary or community organisation or NGO/Social enterprise choose one named organisation including 1). wha - Assignment Example

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AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF RETIRED PERSONS Author (Your (Your Date due 1.1 Introduction American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is a non-government organization in United States. Its main aim is to provide special products, unique benefits and services to the retired person at the age of 50 and above…
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Decribe a work of a voluntary or community organisation or NGO/Social enterprise choose one named organisation including 1). wha
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Extract of sample "Decribe a work of a voluntary or community organisation or NGO/Social enterprise choose one named organisation including 1). wha"

Download file to see previous pages It has two affiliated organizations i.e. AARP Foundation it is a nonprofit organization and AARP Services which is wholly for profit. Programs AARP Foundation affiliated with charity offers various programs to its members. It provides empowerment, protection and security to the old persons. Old workers with low income are provided job training and placement facilities in order to join again the work positions. Tax preparation facility is provided for people with low and moderate income especially within the age of 60 and above. The litigation staff of the company protects legal rights of its members in employment situation, long-term care, services, education and critical health. These facilities are provided to the old aged persons so that they can live their life freely with care, dignity, purpose and independence. These foundation programs are supported by tax-deductible contributions, grants and AARP (Birnbaum Jeffrey H, 2007). 1.2 Social problems or issues AARP is facing many social problems, the main reason of which is the present condition of the economy. Due to this 60,000 members of AARP have quitted the company in 2010. A sense of dissatisfaction has occurred among people in relation to AARP, because of the rumors in political magazines and other enterprises. This is unethical behavior. Some of the issues faced by the company are discussed below: Shortage of funds and reputation Company is facing problems to maintain social security for its members. They have demographic and political pressures. It is facing debts issues and it have been noticed that a large number of people are going towards retirement. This ratio may affect the surplus funds of the company. Therefore, people are thinking either company would be able to fulfill their needs or not. A survey conducted by AARP in 2010 indicated 25% of old American people are confident in relation to the programs offered by company compared with 58% which is a large number (Ohlemacher Stephen, 2011). Political pressures Presently, in US a congressional committee is considered in which a deal is made to cut all Medicare and social security’s benefits in order to cover the deficits of the country. This is an ill practice and may harm many old aged people. This committee includes lawmakers who are also looking forward to increase the federal budget of next year. The main thing which they emphasized to reduce is social benefits provided by various companies to old age persons (Lynch Frederick R, 2011). Changes in the program Enterprises are forced to make changes in their programs. Economy had reduced the life of trust funds which is the main support of social enterprises. The trustee of the company is of the view that the worse financial condition of the company indicates that congress should make changes in the policies to avoid the disruptive effect on the future of the people who are mainly depended on health care facilities and pensions. This has also led to increase in health care cost and medicines. Life is becoming difficult for the people as well as the NGO’s to perform (Van Atta, 2003). 1.3 Preventive measures taken by AARP AARP have taken some measures to control the present situation of the company as well as the economy. Through its national television it has guided lawmakers not to make cuts in Medicare or social benefits. But ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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