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Eugenics in the Modern World - Essay Example

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The author of the essay "Eugenics in the Modern World" gives the description of the Eugenics discipline, which aims to study the probabilities of bringing improvements in the characteristics and quality of population belonging to some specific area…
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Eugenics in the Modern World
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Download file to see previous pages Plato’s philosophy does not maintain any prejudice against any particular group, yet the future scientists and intellectuals exploited the same for their own benefit against the rival nations and religious groups. Actually, racial prejudice also prevailed on the false concept that some ethnic groups were superior to others, and had the right to survive, dominate and rule over others. It gave birth to violence and bloodshed between the nations, and every group strived to rule over the other with the superiority complex in mind. Thus, the rival communities tried to eliminate their opponents from the face of the earth in order to let only their in-group survive in the world. By critically examining the history of the globe at large, it becomes crystal clear that clans, tribes, communities, and nations got involved into conflicts and clashes between one another in order to prove them as superior in race, ethnicity, and ancestry to others. Consequently, hatred and abhorrence of worst kind had been being displayed towards the individuals belonging to rival ethnic-racial groups and communities for the last several centuries. The city governments of ancient Greek and Roman civilizations also waged wars against one another and underwent heavy losses in men and material in order to prove their intellectual, physical, financial and strategic superiority over opponents; famous Trojan Wars took place in ancient times, also depicted the same. The House of Jacob also considered itself as the beloved nation of Heavens, which had no parallel in the entire world in spiritual and worldly pursuits. It is, therefore, they always challenged and opposed the authority of the holiest men sent by God to teach and preach the humanity. As a result, the Romans, Christians, Muslims and other nations started looking down upon the Jewish community, as they used to deliver blasphemous comments against the religious leaders of these faiths. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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